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A brand new start in Generating Leads.

Generating lead has changed over the years. Though being powerful, it keeps changing and evolving as the time goes by. Marketers often find themselves frustrated between completing the challenges of providing profitable and responsive leads. All you need is a redefined strategy for generating leads. You can attain this with a bit of patience and […]

Changes in Facebook for 2018.

The first month of the New Year 2018 has ended and people are still unaware of the changes occurring on their most loved social media platform- Facebook. The recent news is that the news feeds will go through some changes. This could change a lot of things about how your business page will be seen. […]

Is your website at risk?

A particular company’s Website and web server are basically designed to create a connection or a window between the audience and the network of the company. This window connects the host and the users. But besides this, it can also make the website vulnerable to a number of security risks and may prove to be […]

Targeting Millennials? Just don’t!

Whenever a business is set, they have a target audience. People usually select a group of people as the target audience from the age groups. The worst kind of target audience selection is Millennials. You can throw all your money in a trash bin and it would be similar to selecting Millennials as the target […]

Easy ways to Improve Website’s Performance.

Maintaining your website is an essential part of your marketing. When you buy a car or even an AC you need to maintain it. Without maintaining these things you cannot expect it to work the same way it did when it as brand new. There are many websites that are left without being updated or […]

Do you know what Social-proof is?

Marketing a business is no child’s play and one just cannot do it just like that. The most basic notion about marketing is that to promote your business you need to keep on posting, commenting, sharing, liking on social media, etc. it is also assumed that you HAVE to keep in constant touch with your […]

Google My Business!

Many of you might be confused what exactly is Google My Business! Well, that’s the point. I will explain what it exactly is and why do you really need it. In short, Google My Business is the new age yellow pages! Of course, it’s online since it’s a new age. People used to browse through […]

How are Instagram Hashtags highly potential?

Instagram is a known social media platform. Every Instagram user is familiar with the hashtags ‘#’. But most are just ignorant of it and others use it way too much. Well, we are here today to make you understand how powerful and potential the hashtags are. We often underrate trends on social media and fail […]


These two abbreviations are known to everyone, by name. Not many are aware what exactly they mean or what their full form is and what exactly they are used for. HTTP is Hypertext Transfer Protocol. It is a protocol for internet communication which carries out the process of sending data or information between the website […]

Regulate your social media existence!

Social media is a platform where everyone can create a presence. But maintaining your existence is all the more important. Most of the people are busy on social media platforms all the time. Posting photos, sharing thoughts, liking posts, commenting on them, sharing posts, etc. are some of the many activities one does on these […]