Social Media MarketingGone are the days when waiting for letters to finally arrive or waiting for next morning to get detailed news in the newspaper was so normal. Human lives are so fast paced now that even buffering before a YouTube video or loading sign before a website is fully loaded forces people to click close button. People are so impatient now that they can’t wait for photos to get printed that they can finally share with their friends.

Tadda! Internet came as a savior or may be Internet is the reason people communicate, share or get knowledge of any tiny little to ‘viral’ topic anywhere around the world so differently.

And more over SOCIAL MEDIA has drastically changed the communication process of people of the world. It has drastically changed the way people pursue some message, communicate in some manner or interact with their peers or customers. Social media make communication to thousands of people easily accessible at feasible timings. #JeSuisCharlie on Twitter or Ice bucket challenge on Facebook made communication of specific message so rapid and so widely spread that even celebrities followed them.

Freedom of speech is another advantage of social media as it allows artists, bloggers, business heads or even a lay man to raise their voices or exhibit their talent and thoughts without any fear and almost no censorship. Artists like Lily Singh aka Superwoman or Gangnam style fame Psy are all praise for such mediums.

As social media is an Economical medium with more reach to specified target audience is cherry on the top for businesses. Who wouldn’t like to save some money and get great business with good impact on consumers? social media cater to larger audience with specification of demographics and psychographics of target audience with a personal touch and familiarity.