Thinking about buying fake followers? Read this.

Social media is very vast. There are loads of scope and a lot to learn from social media. Usually, people term social media only as a waste of time or teenagers and young pupils craze. Everyone is on social media. People follow, like, subscribe, comment, share, etc. on posts that are posted on the social media platforms. It’s not just a trend, there’s more to it. Business has this vast field all to themselves and they sure can use to entirely as per their requirements. However, there are quite a few strategies people follow. As we know it, there is always a hard way and an easy way. People usually opt for the easy way in order to achieve what they desire. Most of the times it is all about money.

Many opt for something that is called juicing. Juicing is basically boosting followers on social media platforms. Of course, money is involved in here. People buy fake followers to increase their publicity. The users that are paid are not actually humans but are bots. These bots are mimicking the accounts of human users. In the recent times, many people were exposed having paid followers on social media platforms. The list included well-known celebrities and even other well-known personalities around the globe. This has lead to serious PR damage to the people who were amidst all this. A company used to create and automate such accounts and then sell the accounts to people. Thus, increasing the followers. All of this is continuing because most of the businesses are judged by the followers and likes they have. The social media platforms have taken all it personally and are now taking required actions to stop these fake accounts. There are more fake accounts than real accounts on Twitter and Facebook.

Many of you might be thinking what so bad about fake accounts and paid followers. We will answer it here. As mentioned about, bots mimic real user accounts. The bots don’t really take into consideration the age or gender of the person. After the fake account is set and automated, the bots use this accounts to sell various things to businesses and organizations. There might be inappropriate products sold under the name of an underaged innocent child. This may or may not cause harm to innocent people. This is also a reason why buy followers are banned from social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. You can opt the alternative for this. Engaging real audience is an art and this art pays off well. Opt for SEO i.e. search engine optimization. This will give you opportunities to grow your reach and your time will be valued.

Facebook’s Fake News Problem.

Facebook has made a new upgrade with a sense that public and business news or posts won’t be hovering or lingering anywhere near your wall. Facebook’s new update has been focusing on family and friend’s posts. However, the news might be a bit of worrisome for the business pages but it surely is not yet following the trend. Recently, there was a big hype of the lunar eclipse big blue blood moon.

The occurrence was one that was very rare indeed. Once in 150 years, as they say. Everyone wanted to experience this moment. Many wanted to record the event as well. There were photographers everywhere, ready with their cameras to record every aspect of the moment. Many channels were telecasting the event live. People were able to witness the phenomena directly from their home. Even NASA was telecasting the event. Amidst all this, there was a particular channel that was telecasting the blue blood moon. The difference was only that though it had about 16 million views, the entire telecast was fake. They used a previously used photograph and said it was the blue blood phenomena. All this, happening on Facebook. So much for attention. Right when the year started with Facebook bring up the upgrade to discard the entire fake news concept, this fake news had got over 16 million views.

The photograph that was used belonged to Chris Kotsiopoulos. The page that posted the photograph as the blue blood moon was inactive since September of 2017. Facebook later removed the photo. Mark Zuckerberg is taking the efforts to remove all such unwanted attention the fake news is acquiring. There are numerous fake news that are shared around and people even believe such stuff. Images and videos are often morphed and people fail to see through it. Fake news, rumors can make a huge impact. Let’s just hope that things will not be as problematic in the near future.

Interview? Watch your body language!

Interview. Sounds like an opportunity but also makes you nervous, doesn’t it? But when you are going for an interview that could change your life if you get selected you cannot use the option of being nervous. You need to play your best card and land the job. Your nervousness can start a tick in you. You might start shaking your leg unknowingly or sweat too much. You at times might even blabber things that actually relate to nothing at the moment or to the question you are being asked. Just your certificates and merits won’t get you a job. You need to have composed body language as well.

Your body language should not be too stiff or too loose. The way you present yourself in front of the interviewer is very important and can determine if you are selected for the job or not. Your body language talks a lot about you. People usually notice your body language over all other things. There are few mistakes that people tend to do during an interview. These mistakes usually decrease the chances of you getting the job. We will be telling you the common mistakes that people usually do while at the interview.

1. Eye contact.
The most important part of body language is eye contact. Most people avoid an eye contact with the person as they are nervous, etc. When a person avoids or fails to maintain an eye contact, the body language says that the person is only physically present at the location. This might also lead you to feel more and more insecure. Maintain an eye contact with the interviewer.
2. Fidget:
Fidgeting is very very bad. This will ruin your impression in front of the people. Not only during the interview but during other important conversations may be affected due to your fidgeting. Playing with your hair. Tracing a line on your lap/thigh/ playing with your smartphone, etc. are all fidgeting. Try to avoid doing this by crossing your hand or keeping them on the table. Maintain a proper posture.
3. Smile:
You need to Smile. When you fail to smile you seem to be a person who is either not interested or is not friendly. Remember to smile. When you smile you seem pleasant and happy. This adds positive points to your entire persona.
4. Weak Handshake:
Remember shaking your hand with the person in front of you is a sign that you are welcoming. Don’t let your handshake be weak. A strong handshake will build up your impression. A strong handshake shows that you are confident and know your work.
5. Slouching:
When you slouch, it interprets that you are low on your confidence. This will affect your impression in front of the interviewer/s. Your posture should be good and not slouchy.
6. Crossed Arms:
Crossed rams depict that you are insecure, afraid and lack a lot of confidence. It shows that you are highly uncomfortable in front of them. You should practice sitting with your arms apart at a particular appropriate distance.
7. Nodding:
Too much of nodding is just a big no! It shows that you are not paying attention to what the people are saying. It might show as you are ignorant. Try to control your urge to nod all the time.

Know what Click-through Rate is.

There have been some talking about click-through rates recently in and around the marketing business. People often use the term click-through rate when they are talking about a performance of a particular campaign or something. It might make you feel missed out as you might not be much aware of click-through and have no idea what it is. Let’s get you a brief understanding of what click-through rate is all about and how important it is for your marketing campaigns.


What is it?

CTR or Click-through rate is a figure. This figure is determined by the ratio of users who engaged or the number of times a particular ad or email has been clicked on to the number of times the same ad or email has been viewed. The success rate of the paid search, email marketing campaigns and display are commonly measured with CTR. This can also indicate the operation of the subject lines, met description and ad copy. CTR is measured in the following cases:

  • A link on a landing page.
  • A PPC ad
  • A Facebook display ad
  • A call-to-action button or even a link in an email


How is it calculated?

To calculate the Click-Through Rate of a particular campaign one needs to divide the number of overall views by the total number of clicks and multiply it by 100. For example,

If an advertisement has 200 clicks and 8000 views then-

CTR = 8000/200 x 100

CTR = 0.4%


Importance of CTR:

In simple words, CTR reveals the success of your marketing campaigns. When you calculate how many clicks your campaign got after the ad was seen by people, the strength or weakness of that ad is revealed. Along with this, the quality of the ad copy, positioning, keywords, and imagery is also revealed. To increase sales it is important to increase the CTR. You should start comparing your CTR with your industry averages if you want to figure out whether your campaign is bringing out the required results.

Making icons that are best.

The design is the main element in today’ time for almost everything that is online. A good design is the demand of everyone and everyone has different choices. Designs help you to garner the required involvement of the audience by being appealing to the audience’s eyes. With designs, come various elements that build up your website. Icons are among these elements which are quite important when it comes to attracting your audience. For once, you might have no trouble while making a logo, but while making an icon I can be very difficult at times. This occurs due to few restrictions. So, while making icons one must keep few points in mind. Here are those points:
Clarity or Readability:
Icons need not necessarily have text or other such characters. The baseline is that the icons should be clearly visible to the eyes of the audience. Your icon should depict your brand or organizations. The icon should not confuse people. Just like you can see icons on your pc or smartphones show exactly what they are. For example, you will know that an icon is for call logs as it has the symbol as well is clearly written on it. User experience is important and clear icons will improve the user experience.
You need not add images to your icons. Using a compact version of your already existing logo for your icons can work perfectly. Since the logo is small in size it can be difficult to adjust an image to it. Also, images are outdated from time to time.
Avoid words:
Using alphabets or first letters are way too mainstream. Many people use letters as their icon but it is acceptable because the letter is in their logo. For example, Facebook uses f as an icon.
Standing out from the rest of the people is a must. Your icons should have intense and bright colors in order to attract the attention of the audience. This will surely get taps more often. This will work except when you have many apps on the same screen at once.
Creating a symbol is very important as it becomes your identity or your brand’s identity. Your symbol will be more than enough for people to recognize the brand. A symbol should be catchy to the eye and soot at the same time.
While you are making your icons, make sure to use the vectors only. This will help you to resize them whenever you wish to.
Scale ready:
Always be scale ready. At times, it happens that your icons might grow o such a high level that you might have to use them as logos itself.

How can agencies help you to create content.

Content is a tricky part of web design. Not everyone can alter and edit or even develop a perfect content. At times, decisions are to be made quickly and the changes are to be made. This may consume quite a time. You don’t want this time to go by just like that when you can actually focus on another important element. To save your time this can be done by an agency from outside your office. This will save a lot of your time. No matter what kind of content challenge you might have, the agency will help you out if they are the correct ones.

The old or existing content should not bother you. Some of the existing content can be kept untouched while the ones that might affect the new content will be changed or altered. By altering we mean that they can be redone from the scratch or even be constructed as new. Once you have given the content work to the agency you need not worry about the old content at all. You need to trust the agencies as they work for your company. You can discuss your company’s new strategy and then just tell the team to work on the required content. When the content is ready you will only have to review it and the rest will be the done by the team. This team is specially assigned for the sole purpose of creating, developing and altering content for your website, etc. Content is not just words formed into sentences to build up a paragraph. Content needs research and aims to start the first step. Your content needs to be built in order of your aim and not just because you need a content.

Content conveys your business’s or your own thoughts. These thoughts will spread around on the internet easily when you use the right matter. Again, this will also be done by the team looking into content. Agencies have great experiences and they can use these experiences for your benefit. Choose the correct agency while you hire them. Look out for their past works to determine if that is the agency you have been looking for.

Diagnose and fix your WordPress site!

Your website is your first and last impression. When you have a website of your company you need to keep in mind that it works smoothly and loads quickly without any glitches. If your website takes way too much time to load or if there is a delay of even one second, it can have a huge effect on your website and on your company image as well. It is a must that your website should have fast loading speed. There are still few people who think that a slow website does not matter or cannot affect the image of the company as a whole. Your SEO score can also have a huge effect on your WordPress site loading speed. Make improvements where ever necessary and maintain the SEO score by correcting the mistakes.

Other than the site taking a while to load, there are many other factors that can sense that your website is slow. New browsers like Chrome, etc. have a faster speed and load your website much quickly as they use most of the data. However, you specifically need to know if your website is in the danger zone. Don’t worry as there are many free tools where you just have to enter your website URL and they will examine your website. These websites give you a detailed report what is wrong and what should be and can be changed. There are a number of areas that can lag your website loading speed.

If the images that you have included on your website are way too large, your website will surely slow down. You need to pay attention if your images are not way too heavy or way too light but of the right size. Try comparing your large images. While doing so keep in mind that the quality of the image should not be affected at any cost. You need to use high-quality images but also they should not be too heavy for the website to load. When the images are way too heavy to load they at times fail to load at all.

Hosting is another area which needs your attention. A poor hosting will slow down your website’s speed. This mostly happens in the cases where there is shared hosting. When the others are having problems related to traffic and other site related issues, it is most likely to affect your website too.

Plugins are a common word nowadays but not everyone is aware that too many plugins can actually have a negative impact on your website loading speed. You can reduce the load off your website by removing the extra plugins and add-ons. This will make the website much lighter and will faster the pace of the website. Do not remove the entire bunch of plugins. Use the help of an expert to deduce what exactly to do.

Do you need to hire a social media marketing agency?

When you have a business, it is essential to be present on the social media as well. If you are absent on social media, your company is as good as non-existing. Most of the potential customers are found on the social media platforms. It is a good opportunity to be on social media platforms since almost everyone is active all day every day. You can grab the right eyeballs and increase the number of your followers. However, when you are the owner of the company or the boss it is not as easy to juggle everything together. Social media platform is way too vast than you can imagine and it needs a lot of efforts to make it work as per the requirement. In such cases, it becomes necessary to appoint a social media marketing agency. These agencies will help to make your mark on the social media platforms by taking care of your company’s activity on it.

These agencies are very well experienced as it is in the field of social media marketing. Their experts know how and when to post on behalf of your company so as to garner the required or expected results. There is a lot of difference in managing a personal account and a business account. To manage a business account, you need to have a deep study about the social media on which your page is. You need to primarily set few goals and objectives for your company’s social media activity. The rest will be done by the agency. The agency will take care of your social media image by maintaining proper and required action on the social media platforms. There are many social media pages and app where you can earn a lot of potential customers for your company. Lots of things are to be kept in mind when you start your social media marketing. It needs a very deep study and research about social media. Social media marketing agencies have a thorough knowledge. It is important to hire a professional and trustworthy agency who will carry out the commands as per the requirement. Hiring an agency will save you a lot of time and you can then focus on the other aspects of your company.

Social media marketing agencies are basically all about handling the social media image and social media activity of the company. Social media is highly influential and people are still unaware of what wonders a social media campaign can do for their company. Being online is important and being on social media platforms is necessary. Social media is the ideal platform to increase your approach and to track it as well.

Stock images or Authentic images?

Stock images are the ones that you get online. These images are already shot and uploaded online where anyone can find them and use them as per their requirement. On the other hand, authentic images are the ones which contain real people and the people who are related to the organization or the project the image is being used for. Authentic images are strictly used for the related people only. Let us see and understand the difference between these two types of images for marketing.

Stock Images:
Stock images are available online and most of the time is high priced. Even though the price is so high for the stock images people tend to use stock images itself. There are some reasons for it. Stock images are quick to get and are convenient for the organizations. These images prove to be quick to use and save a lot of time as well as money too. You just have to select the pre-shot images and pay for it. You don’t need to hire a photographer and then edit it. Also, the people working for you or at your organizations might not be that good of photographers or even posers. You might not get the required or needed image. Your people at work may have expertise in other areas but not in the photography section. This might not work well when you need a good picture for your website or advertisement.

Authentic Images:
Authentic images might not be as easy to procure but they sure have more importance to them. comparatively stock images do not make that required connection with the audience. Authentic Images cannot be used by any other organization, unlike stock images. It might happen that two or more website end up using the same image that they picked up online. However, this may not happen in the case of authentic images. As per the name they are authentic and can make a connection with the audience. These images actually look like images of real people and are far more convincing than the stock ones. Authentic images are unique and stand out. According to the studies, authentic images have much higher potential for audience engagement than the stock images. It seems that though it’s a bit of a fuss, authentic images are better if you want to promote audience enagagment on your website.

Improve your Brand and brand loyalty.

We are living in a world that is always running at a fast pace. The basic concept of loyalty has changed a lot in these years. The brands your parents are loyal to may not be convincing enough for you today. Basically, people nowadays have different demands and needs or wants. People want to be customized and the nearest to their demand products.
Even the strongly established companies are having a hard time keeping up with the changing trends of individuals demand. You might be a loyal customer of a particular brand but when the brand fails to fulfill your demand you will easily turn over to another brand that can fulfill your demand. Whereas in the past things were very different. All a company needs is a foolproof content and to make sure that the products meet the demands of the consumers. Here is how you can maintain your consumer’s loyalty:

The most important element of any marketing strategy is to be updated on the changing trends and the new trends. You should know what is going on in the market and how the demands are changing all the time. Adjust to the new trends and change as per the changes occurring. When a trend is introduced and you have absolutely no idea about this where you start to fail.

Honesty will always work in your favor. Being honest all the time is not easy but it is always good to be. Whenever there is any kind of mistake or misunderstanding, always own it. Do not deny or overthrow the blame baton on someone else. This will get you on the negative side. Be responsible for everything that happens in the name of your company. When you play dumb, people eventually start seeing your flaws more clearly and evidently. Also, do not make promises that cannot be fulfilled by you. Keep up with your words and do not create false expectations.

Be a solver:
There are many companies who promise to be there when you need them but they hardly even respond to the calls. Your company should be always responsive. Any customer query or doubt should be cleared at the earliest. There are companies that generously exchange items and offer solutions. Even though you might not give back a full refund you should at least offer few options or solutions to the customer.

Most of the people rely on online research even when they are planning to eat out. People usually prefer the on the research and use their devices such as smartphones to find new places, locations, etc. Make sure your website is easily accessible on every device. This will increase the user experience and will get you positive points.

Quality first:
Always keep in mind that your company is known because of your product and services. Quantity does not matter as much as quality does. People will be loyal to you only if you deliver quality products and services to them. Whatever be your product and services be sure that they are of the highest quality and up to the expectations of the consumers. This will give potential customers and the regular customers might spread your word through word of mouth.