A brand new start in Generating Leads.

Generating lead has changed over the years. Though being powerful, it keeps changing and evolving as the time goes by. Marketers often find themselves frustrated between completing the challenges of providing profitable and responsive leads. All you need is a redefined strategy for generating leads. You can attain this with a bit of patience and a bit of dedication. This helps you to gain a qualified audience that is ever ready to turn into your leads.

Determine your audience. Target the audience.
Before you start marketing or even generating leads, you need to, first of all, determine who your target audience is. Based on your product your group of the audience will be set. If your product is cookies filled with chocolate you will fore mostly advertise keeping children in mind. This is how you have determined your audience.
Next step is to target the audience. This is the step where you reach out to the audience; market your product in a way that your audience has their attention on your product. You need to retarget your audience. This is the third step. Your motto should be quality over quantity. Always. Remember these are not the days where numbers matter the most. Here the quality matters most.

Know people and connect.
You should know all the important and famous people of the industry you are in. Know everything about them. Get your homework done. Once you have done your homework, it gets easier to make the next most obvious move. Connect. Make your connections in the industry and maintain them. You just can’t connect with people just like that you need the skill to communicate and stay in touch and build a bond over your communication with the people. This will prove to be very useful and beneficial for you and your business.

Know and use the basic information of your audience:
You just can’t rest by targeting your audience. You need to know them very well. This is made simple by the internet. You can know your audience’s browsing history which will help you to plan your strategy likewise. Purchase history and geographic locations will also work in your favor if done right. All you need is to do your research and to work on it. Work on your product and make it your consumer’s product and not yours. Give your audience what they want to buy and not what you want to sell.

Changes in Facebook for 2018.

The first month of the New Year 2018 has ended and people are still unaware of the changes occurring on their most loved social media platform- Facebook. The recent news is that the news feeds will go through some changes. This could change a lot of things about how your business page will be seen. This new change will focus more on the content shared by your friends and family rather than news and videos from other pages. This will have a huge impact on the businesses using Facebook for promoting their company, products, and services.

As per Mark, Facebook’s founder, they are changing their focus to the primary area of connecting with each other. This will lead to an increase in people seeing content from their family and friends. Baby photos, holiday photos, statuses, etc. will be all over your newsfeed. However, this will be a bomb on advertisers. This will lead to organic reach to drop completely. Businesses who rely on this type of digital platform will face quite a lot. Organic reach was the best way to reach out to the audience without having to pay for it. Facebook users would get videos and posts from business pages without having to like them. This scenario will be completely changed over the few months. People can still promote their businesses on Facebook. The only thing to keep in mind is that the businesses will have to up their game in order to secure their reach. They will have to work more on the content. This content will be needed to be more engaging and more interesting to reach the audience. If the content game is strong for your company, you have nothing to be worried about. This may also mean that businesses will have to shell out some more money for promoting on the social media.

This may lead businesses to focus more on how their money will be paid off to the very last cent. But we need to keep in mind that content will the primary focus here. However, there are many other social media platforms that are still unchanged and can be used more to their capabilities. One needs to do their research and use their strategy aptly. Google, Sanpchat, Twitter, Instagram, etc. there are many such social media that can be useful to you. The best part of these other media is that they will not make you count out huge money.

Is your website at risk?

A particular company’s Website and web server are basically designed to create a connection or a window between the audience and the network of the company. This window connects the host and the users. But besides this, it can also make the website vulnerable to a number of security risks and may prove to be destructing. Server maintenance, website coding, and website application updates should be paid attention to. This will help you to supervise the size of the window. This will further help you to prevent your website being at risk of security breach. You can eventually ensure the higher level of security for your website.

Security: Website
Hackers can easily disrupt your system as they can hack in through the various interaction you have with your users as these communicating methods expose your website to these hackers. Logins, creating accounts, using shopping cart, browsing site content, form filling, product or location searches, new page loading containing dynamic content, etc. are some of the common interactions users have with the website that can expose it to the hackers. Codes that are correctly written will only enable a narrow range of commands or the instructions to go through or pass these types of interactions. However, there are chances for the code to not live up to the standards of your website are quite high. Websites are mostly coded by a number of different programmers and results in running the software from various different sources. This makes it hard to make sure if the website is working as expected. Codes that are not written correctly might not be easy to find for the hackers but such codes are exactly the ones the hackers are looking for.

Security: Web server
Web servers can be kept secured by keeping minimum open ports and few services. Such web servers having minimum open ports and few services are the most secure. However, most of the companies do not agree on this. More the powerful and flexible applications for the complex websites more the web security issues. This is possible because when a system has multiple ports or services it gives away more gates for the hackers to come in through.
Such gates are quite difficult to maintain and keep a watch on together. You should make sure that all the security patches and applications are updates are performed on a regular basis to prevent the hackers from entering through one of these exposed areas.
Need your website to be within safe parameters and hacker-free? Contact us now.

Targeting Millennials? Just don’t!

Whenever a business is set, they have a target audience. People usually select a group of people as the target audience from the age groups. The worst kind of target audience selection is Millennials. You can throw all your money in a trash bin and it would be similar to selecting Millennials as the target audience. People usually don’t understand that when selecting a particular group of the audience there should be at least something common in the group. First of all, people should know what Millennials are. Millennials are the people born between 1980-1990 to mid-1990s. If you think of it now, People born in 1980 are 38 years of age while people born in the mid-1990s i.e. 1997 or 1996 are around 20 something. How do you market to people who are almost 20 years apart?

Marketing for a grown-up man who is married and has kids is different than marketing for a boy who has just come out of his teen. How could you possibly create a product that both of them can use equally and how would you market it? Well, do not worry if you have already selected the audience group, you can still market to that group but with a different take. You have to advertise to the group in different sectors- the parent’s section and the kid’s section. This way you can divide the features of your product and can use the same to advertise it depending on the section. Let me explain it to you more clearly: for example, your product is a watch. This watch can change colors as has GPS inbuilt. Also, this watch fits everyone and one can select the color of the entire watch just with one click. The watch has a powerful torch light that can be used while in the dark or if you go camping. And since it has GPs inbuilt you can link it to your smartphone and search for it when it is misplaced.

Such a product can be advertised by dividing its features. For kids, you can use the features like color changing, GPS, torchlight. This will surely attract the kids and who doesn’t love a fancy watch that changes time and has GP with a torch? For parents, you can give them the idea of keeping track of their kids using the GPS so that parents know where their kids are and if they are safe or not? If you still want to advertise to the whole Millennial, accept my advice and throw that cash in the trash!

Easy ways to Improve Website’s Performance.

Maintaining your website is an essential part of your marketing. When you buy a car or even an AC you need to maintain it. Without maintaining these things you cannot expect it to work the same way it did when it as brand new. There are many websites that are left without being updated or even posted anything at all. These sites become stagnant and are of no use after a while. A stagnant site is as good as non-existing. Always remember to update your site at regular intervals to avoid your website turning stagnant. Launching your website is not the end of your task. You have to take care of the website further ahead as well.

Analytics don’t lie:
Invest your time in checking and reviewing your analytics to learn and understand how your users are communicating or are active on your website. You can use Google Analytics to know more about your visitors and their activity on your website. You can make out where your visitor’s interest lies the most and other such information. You can make changes to your website according to the analysis you have received.

Fire and then aim:
You will have to post your content and them decide where to aim. When you post something you can then track the activity and likewise decide what to do and how to do. You will then be able to decide what group to aim for and it will be much easier. You can take few chances here as it might turn to be in your favor. When you fire out i.e. when you release your content to the world you then can re-aim considering the aftermath of the first fire.

All ears to the customers:
Remember always! The customer is always right. Do not let your customer go by feeling unnoticed by you. Always address the complaints and pay attention to what the customer has to say. This way you will appear to be more attentive and the customer will trust you more. Always respond to all kind of messages be it complaints, suggestions, queries, etc. Respond always and respond instantly or ASAP. This will help you to further shape your website and the overall strategy. Take all the comments seriously and remember to acknowledge them.

Maintaining the Website:
You need to keep your website updated and at regular intervals. People who visit your website won’t like being presented the same thing that was a month ago on the website. People visit websites to check out what exactly is new, etc. Do not fail to do so. Keep updating the website and keep on posting so that your customers and potential customers are content as well as updated.

Do you know what Social-proof is?

Marketing a business is no child’s play and one just cannot do it just like that. The most basic notion about marketing is that to promote your business you need to keep on posting, commenting, sharing, liking on social media, etc. it is also assumed that you HAVE to keep in constant touch with your consumers online as well as offline. However, all these are overlooked as it does not make strategic sense to many. In this group of strategy, Social-proof is also overlooked. But what is social-proof?

Social-proof is among the types of marketing. It is also free for most of the parts. And who does not love free anything?! Basically, social-proof is promoting the positive reviews of your consumers and creating brand awareness. In simple words, you have to urge your potential consumers to buy your product by showing them or giving a proof that you have satisfied consumers. You can encourage your consumers to review your product on sites like Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc. This will play in your favor and you will be able to get potential consumers. Use these reviews to garner the required attention and customers. Reviews work like magic and are very useful if you use it just the right way. This is also a way to find out what your customers like and dislike about your product. When people want to buy something new, irrespective of buying it online or from physical stores, they always check the items on the internet and go straight to the reviews. Your reviews are the first impression your potential customers get from you. These reviews will have a direct effect on their decision to buy your product or not. Before buying a smartphone we always check it out on the various sites not just for less price but also for reviews. If the maximum of the reviews are positive one can choose to buy the product. However, not everyone gets the reviews they expect to get. Many fail to garner any review at all. In such cases, you should encourage your customers to leave a review. This can be done by offering something for a review.

You can just ask your consumers to leave a review or to rate your product. It’s as simple as that. You can choose from your way i.e. either offer discounts or offers for a review or just ask them to leave a review or rate your product. The baseline is that people will only buy from you or buy your products if you have the required and enough satisfied reviews on your site. Reviews can do wonders for your product, do not underestimate them!

Google My Business!

Many of you might be confused what exactly is Google My Business! Well, that’s the point. I will explain what it exactly is and why do you really need it. In short, Google My Business is the new age yellow pages! Of course, it’s online since it’s a new age. People used to browse through the giant yellow pages book to look for the needed place or location of a store or shop. One has a higher chance of winning a lottery compared to getting a potential customer due to yellow pages.

People nowadays are hungry for the exact information and nothing else. This information is expected to be available in a matter of time. Google My Business is just that! All you need to do is enter the correct keywords and Google SERPs will give the required information. For example, if you are searching for a restaurant nearby, you just need to type in restaurants near me or very restaurants near me. Google will pull out all the information, from the menu to location and also timings of the restaurants having Google My Business accounts. This happens just in few seconds you don’t have to wait for much longer. However, not every restaurant is listed here as there might be many restaurants that do not have Google My Business accounts. But you will surely get the best ones ahead. These results also show you the reviews and rating given by other customers. You will have all the information on your smartphone even the numbers and the minimum rate.

Google My Business is the best way to promote your business through Google. It is cost efficient and everyone relies on the internet to even getting directions rather than asking a passerby. If you want to make this work for you, you need to check that the required photos and videos are in place, encourage reviews on Google and also create separate accounts for different locations.

How are Instagram Hashtags highly potential?

Instagram is a known social media platform. Every Instagram user is familiar with the hashtags ‘#’. But most are just ignorant of it and others use it way too much. Well, we are here today to make you understand how powerful and potential the hashtags are. We often underrate trends on social media and fail to overlook at the flaws. Social media is a vast platform for any marketing strategy and if done right one can succeed seamlessly in the field. Hashtags are one such trend that is still going on strong since inception and yet many are naïve of what actually it can do to flourish your business and content. When you use hashtags it becomes easier for the related people to view your post or content.

You do not need any kind of payment to do for this trend. You just make an account, post a picture related to your content, etc. and add o hashtags that will relate to the post and will get you the required attention and audience. If you have a garment shop you can use hashtags like #menswear #fashion #fashionindia and so on. The hashtags you use should resemble what your post is about and to your business. Unrelated hashtags will have no proper or required effect on the post. Instagram is huge than one can imagine. Hashtags are the best way to promote your business on the social media platform of Instagram. You will also gain followers once you start maintaining your account and use the right hashtags always. If you get stuck at what hashtags you should use, always think about the post and your business and find out keywords that can trigger attention. A garment company can use a clothing picture and use hashtags like #trending. You can also include locations in hashtags and this will cover the required locations. You can use India in hashtags if your work area is only in India. You can also use names of cities or states. Start a hashtag trend, this will attract more attention. You can ask your consumers to post a pic while them wearing your clothes or with your product and hashtagging the company name. This will ensure your reach to maximum people and people will start doing the same.

It is easier to influence people on social media and you just need a proper study for it. One need not be an expert in marketing to make a hashtag trend work. All you need is a strategy and you are good to go. If you have any kind of doubts, we are always here to solve them for you. Contact us!


These two abbreviations are known to everyone, by name. Not many are aware what exactly they mean or what their full form is and what exactly they are used for. HTTP is Hypertext Transfer Protocol. It is a protocol for internet communication which carries out the process of sending data or information between the website server and the website visitor. The information and data sent are in plain text and hence are readable. HTTPS is Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. As the name suggests it secures or encrypts the data and/or information that is being sent between a website visitor and website server. When HTTPS is present it states that the server is certified and secure.

When you do not have an HTTPS website you might have two major disadvantages to your website. When it comes to Google ranking, Google will penalize your website if it is insecure or if it is not HTTPS. Though the quality of the website matters more than a website being HTTPS, it is still an important element. Another drawback is that visitors on your website having updated Google will keep on receiving warnings that your website is not secure and their information might be at the risk of being misused, etc. These warning might cause your visitors to stop being on your website. No one wants that their information is being stolen or misused and hence no one will want to come to your website after such repeated warning that too from Google!

One must secure his/her website and to do so you should contact your website hosting provider and ask for the quote required to secure the website. The cost may vary depending on how your website is or how huge it is and other such facts. Also, the cost depends largely on how the security certificate is acquired by the hosting provider. Just by securing your website is not the end of the whole scenario. You will then be needed to resubmit your website to Google. If you get stuck on any of these steps, just contact us and we will help you out.

Regulate your social media existence!

Social media is a platform where everyone can create a presence. But maintaining your existence is all the more important. Most of the people are busy on social media platforms all the time. Posting photos, sharing thoughts, liking posts, commenting on them, sharing posts, etc. are some of the many activities one does on these social media platforms. But how do you maintain your existence on them? Especially when you are away? If you have such thought racing through your minds without any useful answers to them, we are here to help you out.

To maintain your presence over your social media there are few steps you need to follow and few changes to do. Read on below to know exactly what and why you need to do:

Always- Quality over Quantity:
Just posting for the sake of it, is never beneficial. You need to have proper content that would be enjoyed and liked by the audience. Social media like it or not involve a large number of audience and people often interact. Quality always wins over quantity and that is what exactly is needed to build your presence and to preserve it too. Instead of posting 10 blogs with no basic idea, post one blog with informative content that is engaging and interesting as well.

Images make your content more interesting and attractive. Images will increase the chances of your post being paid attention to relatively more than a post without an image. Images should not be covering up most of your content or space. Images should be related to the content and should be of high quality as well.

Timing is important:
You might need to do a small study or research for this one but it will be profitable to you. Depending on your content there is always a peak time when your target audience is at the highest and you will get a guaranteed amount of attention that you seek. This time is the essential one as you can hold on the audience and create potential consumers as well. You can experiment for a while before you start a full-fledged campaign on social media.

Tag the Hash!
Hashtags are underrated and hated by most of the people but many are naïve of the fact that hashtags can work wonders and garner the attention of the right audience. Use hashtags at the end of your post or content and wherein between as required. Do no, however, flood your content with hashtags as that can be annoying and people will most probably skip the whole content.

Mobiles are the precious devices when it comes to marketing online. A smartphone can be used to carry out almost any command for social media purposes. Learn how the social media works on smartphones and you can handle the rest much easily.