What do different colors depict in marketing?


Colors are prominent factors in marketing strategies. But there is much more than just picking up a color and using it. There is a list of things that you need to keep in mind while picking a color and using it. Shades, tones, contrast, etc. are some of the things to be kept in mind while using colors for marketing.

Colors can help people to recognize your brand up to 80%. The way you plan your marketing strategy, the same way you need to plan and test your color schemes and tones before releasing the campaign. Once you have your required color tone and contrast, you need to stick to it.


There are numerous colors and numerous tones and contrast. But not all colors depict or express the same feeling or convey the same message. Below is a list of colors and what they depict:



     Black has many depictions. The way Black is seen may vary. Black conveys sophistication, control, independence, and seriousness. It may also express evil, death, mystery, and depression. Using black is a very risky task in marketing. Black is a powerful color and proper use of it can work wonders whereas too much use of it can work against you.



  • Luxury
  • Power
  • Sleekness
  • Can make one feel unobtrusive
  • Restful emptiness
  • Mysterious


The color black is mostly seen on the packaging of luxury items.



The color blue is an overall well-liked color. It is found to be soothing and friendly. Hence it is liked mostly by men. Also, blue is the last color that is visible and thus if used in a great amount it can convey coldness, unfriendliness, etc. It is necessary to understand first and then to use the color blue.



  • Calmness
  • Coolness
  • Trust
  • Strength
  • Dependability
  • Increase in productivity
  • Intuition


Since the color blue shows trust and strength it is mostly used by the banks and business organizations.



Green depicts nature and natural beauty. It’s a balancing color and gives a sense of well-being. But it also represents money.



  • Health
  • Growth
  • Soothing
  • Relaxation of mind and body
  • Peacefulness
  • Sense of renewal, self-control, and harmony


The color green is used by banks and for natural products.



Grey is related to professionalism and reliability. Since it is a practical color it is used to depict intelligence.



  • Pessimism
  • Intelligence
  • Authority
  • Unsettling feeling
  • Neutrality


The color Grey is commonly used for expensive gadgets.



The Orange color is obtained by mixing the colors red and yellow. Hence, it has a good combination of both the colors. It depicts warmth, shelter, and food. It also represents motivation and general enthusiasm. The color orange is great to express comfort and support in hard times.



  • Confidence
  • Socialisation
  • Stimulating activity
  • Stimulating appetite
  • Friendliness
  • Cheerfulness


The color Orange is seen mostly in food packages and also banks.



Pink is a soft color. It represents sensitivity, care, compassion and unconditional love. It has a soothing effect on it, showcasing understanding, nurture, etc. It is also the symbol or sign of hope and romance. Too much use of the color can represent immaturity and power draining.



  • Fun
  • Energy
  • Vibrance
  • Youthfulness


The color Pink is used for the products marketed for women and girls.



Purple has the dual effect of red and blue making a perfect balance between spirituality and physical. The color has a soothing effect and is mostly related to creativity. Too much use of the color can cause introspection or distraction.



  • Sense of spirituality
  • Creativity
  • Imagination
  • Wisdom
  • Uplifted
  • Calmness of mind


The color Purple is mostly used for beauty and anti-aging products.



The red color is very powerful color. It represents our physical needs. Red color depicts freshness, strength, etc. To attract someone attention red is the most obvious color.



  • Boldness
  • Freshness
  • Youthfulness
  • Excitement
  • Energy
  • Action
  • Confidence
  • Enthusiasm


The color Red is mostly used in toothpaste.



Yellow is the bundle of happiness, joy cheerfulness, etc. Almost everything happy is represented by yellow. It is the easiest color to be seen. Yellow is the best color to lift up spirits, increase confidence and provide inspiration. Too much use of the color can cause anxiety and self-esteem issues.



  • Optimism
  • Activity of the brain
  • Happiness
  • Warmth
  • Communication
  • Joy


The color Yellow is mostly seen on shop windows. Also, emojis are mostly of yellow color.



White is a pure color and a complete one too. It is the basic most color and absorbs all the other colors. It shows innocence, cleanliness, and peace. Too much use of it can show isolation, loneliness, and emptiness.



  • Safety
  • Purity
  • Cleanliness
  • Freshness
  • Mental clarity


The color White is mostly used for medicines.

How does a Website help your Business to grow?


In this era, where everything an everyone is online, having no website for your business is like having no business at all. The Internet is looked upon for almost every kind of data by almost every individual. In such situation, a business needs a site where the clients can look at the business-related data. Your website should cover all your work was done and the services or goods you provide to your clients. Below are the points that explain why the website is important what the growth of your business:


Tracking the activities:

When you get yourself a website for your business, you can track almost every activity on it. How many visitors you had, how many times your page has been viewed, who has a query, who messaged you, etc. All this is possible to know when you have a website. And this helps you to make corrections or improvement in your business.


Client satisfaction:

No one has the time or the energy to always go out physically and buy or look at things. Having an online site enables your clients to look at your products and also purchase them. They are spared the struggle of physically going and doing so.



Only a physical store will get you a minimum amount of audience or customers. Having a website helps you to reach a large amount of audience and potential customers thus increasing your business.



Making connections is a vital element of marketing. When you have a website with interesting data and items, others will link your website to theirs. This will create connections that can help the progress and growth of your business.



Promoting your business is very essential. There are many mediums through which you can promote your business. Printed media, radio, TV, etc. are some of the mediums. If you compare having a website with other promoting mediums you will realize that the latter is quite affordable.



Having a website gives you the benefit of building customer relationships. When you have a healthy relationship with your client, you have the customer’s loyalty. With a website, you can reach out to your customer irrespective of where you or your client physically is. This is another important element in marketing to build a relationship with the customer and to maintain it.



A website is a way to reach out to a large number of audience and hence to gain potential customers to your pocket. This boosts the sales of your business. The website can be managed and seen from anywhere you or your customer is. And hence it is easy to increase your sales.



Websites give you a vast platform to promote your business. It has many variations in which you can promote and reach out to a large audience. Also, it is an easy to use platform which enhances the user experience.





Colors matter: Marketing Psychology.


When content is being built, a lot of thinking goes into it. Content needs a lot more than words to garner the required eyeballs and visibility. What really attracts the reader? The first impression of the content is surely not its words.

There are various designs and layouts that can be used for your content. But the right mixture of the right elements is the best recipe for your content. Color is one among the many ingredients of a good content.



Color can evoke many expressions and feelings. A perfect blend of colors can attract readers. But what is the purpose of colors more than just attracting the audience?

Colors can add effect to the content. It can portray the feelings, atmosphere, etc. and this makes a huge difference while reading.



Every brand has an identity that represents the brand’s personality and product offering. It takes years for a brand to achieve the desired personality. Brand personality depends largely on colors and styles. Colors build the recognition of the brand.

Baskin Robbins use pink and blue color in their logo. The color pink depicts sugary and sweet products. It also depicts playfulness. The color blue is soothing and cool.


Site Usability:

Implementing colors to convey a particular message is an art. You need to know all about colors and their meanings. Use of colors should not be limited in your ogo but also be used in your campaigns. When it comes to a website, it is necessary that the website should be readable and visible.

Here, color needs to be used to improve the user experience of the client. The blend of colors you use should not confuse the reader or tamper the readability of the content. Colors that are soothing to the eyes will work best.

Change of style and color is important to maintain the curiosity of the readers. Using a proper color for the background can then allow you to highlight the needed part of the content as per your wish. An overwhelming color blend will put you at a risk of losing your audience. Along with colors, your fonts should also be proper and readable. Always remember to view your site through your audiences view and not yours.



There are numerous tones and shades of colors. You need to use the correct contrast of the color to maintain the readability of your content. Black words on a white background are the most basic and easiest contrast. You can experiment your own combination and contrast but it is vital that the contrast does not disturb the clients visual.


Brand Recognition:

Color builds the brand recognition. There are many brands that have already gained recognition over one color. For example, Coca-Cola uses red and white color. Red is the prime color in their logo and campaign.

The color red depicts freshness and energy, hence red color is used to represent freshness even in toothpaste ads. A single color can convey an unspoken message to the customers. Maintaining a proper color balance will allow you to maintain the brand identity. People can recognize a brand by color up to 80%.


Color plays a vital role in building brands identity. As it can work in favor of the brand it can also turn against the brand is not used at the correct time and place.


Mobile phones: Healthcare marketers’ trump card!


Phones were initially invented to make communication better. Calling was the basic and the only feature of a mobile phone. Years later now, mobile phones have been changed completely. You can even see the other person while talking to them, that’s video calling obviously!

Mobile phones are more than just a communication medium or device, it’s a companion. You hardly see people going around without their mobiles. Almost every sector has gone online now and is accessible from anywhere provided you have a working network. Majority of people use cell phones to ease the struggle of traveling like making reservations, booking tickets and arranging appointments.

Healthcare organizations have also introduced apps to make it convenient for the patients to book appointments without having to wait at the clinic or the hospitals and people are actually benefiting from these apps. Healthcare organizations are earning profits and increasing employment in the economic sector. There are numerous functions and uses of smartphones in the healthcare sector. Thus, the use of mobile phones is increasing in the medical sector at an ineffable pace. The healthcare sector comprises of medical devices, hospitals, clinics, medical tourism, outsourcing, health insurance, and medical equipment.


Here’s how consumers are using mobile phones for healthcare:


  • 88% of doctors’ appointments are booked online.
  • 56% of people schedule their appointments by calling from their mobile phones as people find it more convenient.
  • 52% of people look up on the internet for health-related queries.
  • 51% of people feel more valued when they receive patient care messages and reports on their devices.
  • 44% of people depend on the internet for searching hospitals rather than going around physically.


The portable devices are being used to their full potential by the healthcare brands. Following are the strategies used by the healthcare marketers-

  • Creating apps for scheduling appointments.
  • Maintaining a responsive website where the details and other information of the institution are uploaded.
  • Messages and alerts of various healthcare offers are sent to customers on their smartphones.


The technology has advanced and is being improved as the days go by. It is essential for everyone to stay up with the changing trends of technologies and marketing trends. Those days are not far away when people won’t have to be at the doctor’s clinic physically for a quick test or check up done.

Mobile Marketing a Boon for businesses today!

We are living in an era where almost every person is tech savvy or wants to be one. In such an era mobile phones are essential devices.

People nowadays carry there their mobile phones almost everywhere they go. Mobile phones are the organ, of almost every individual, that can’t be left back. Almost everyone has a cell phone. No one can resist their susceptibility to take a glance at their phones every minute. These facts are a boon for marketers.

Mobile marketing can ensure more traffic or visibility. It is the ultimate method to communicate with the target audience at any time of the day. Be it complaints, shopping or service; advertisers can deal with it at any given time of the day all because of mobile marketing.


Mobile marketing today:

Online businesses were only meant for desktops, but now everything has changed. Mobiles are portable and hence people can go on to any site no matter where they are. Shopping has become easy for the on-the-go-shoppers. Not just shopping, but there are any other uses of mobile marketing that enable a large audience or traffic.

The mobile marketing strategy has proved to be a worldwide success. Plus, there are many other ways one can promote their goods and services. For example Instagram’s shop now, Google’s purchase, etc. The profitability completely depends upon the various types you select for your brand and how you get in touch with the customer or attract your target audience.

Other Factors:

  • Usage of mobile phones in the stores: People can be seen using their mobile phones even while they are physically at a shopping mall or store. Almost all stores nowadays have their own apps for online shopping. This can alter the physical sense of shopping. Stores need to increase the interaction of the shoppers towards the physical goods. SMS and emails can be a good way to starting the promotion.
  • A personal space: While shopping on mobile, individuals are rather at ease. It gives them the sense of personal shopping and the person can take his/her own time to shop or select the item. Whereas in physical stores most of the people feel uncomfortable with people around them. Also, no one is interested in standing in the queues for checking out.
  • Virtual Reality: Virtual reality is the thing of today. VR promotions have a very different touch and can bring about notable changes. If done right and at proper place and time, success is imminent.
  • Changing ways: There have been quite a lot of changes in the models of mobile phones and the way people utilize the changes. This triggers the different ways of consumption of content by the individual and paves a way towards more diverse and better marketing strategy for the businesses.

Understand Digital Marketing and SEO with the essential 4Ps.

There is much more to promoting than just getting highly ranked on the search pages. Though there are many ways to up your ranking on the search pages, it will not ensure you will attract traffic. You need to do more than just making your site appear first on the list. A website won’t draw in traffic by getting ranked first on the SERP.

To attain the perfect number of traffic you need to be a sublime advertiser. To understand how in better ways the digital marketing and SEO can garner traffic to your website, you need to know and understand the 4Ps:


4Ps of Marketing:

Marketing is nothing but putting up an ultimate product, at the ultimate time and at an ultimate price. To disassemble the multilayers we need to study the essential factors of marketing- the 4Ps:



Before you select a product or service, it is essential to understand your customers and their needs first. Who are your clients? What are your client’s needs? Does your product or service fulfill the needs of your clients? All these questions are to be kept in mind before determining what product or services you choose.

A newly started business will be in need of proper digital promotion that will eliminate the struggle of promoting for the client. Here is where you provide your client with the necessary services. You need to be clear and apt regarding what your services or goods are about. Getting ranked on the SERP is just one major part of your journey. You still need to work to draw in the target customers.



After you have determined what product or services you will be providing, you need to set a price for it. As we know cost is indirectly related to the value of the product or service you provide. In the case where your product is expensive, no matter how enticing it is, there won’t be many purchases. Also, if your product is tawdry the rate of purchases will thole.

It is like a see-saw. If the price of your product is low, you will garner more deals. On the other hand, if the price of your product is high you will gain more benefits. You have to explore and devise your own comfortable balance.



Where can the clients look for your products? Do clients have to scan for you? How will be the products made available online or offline? Would there be any physical stores? All the answers to these questions will clarify your further path. The third P is Place.

What your product is and how your clients would be purchasing them is an essential factor to determine. If your product is apparels, you have to determine your place of distribution. Whether you will have an online store or a physical store? If you have a physical store you still can promote it online. Google search results and ads can play a vital role here.



Your product has to reach your target audience before they buy it. Promoting your product will ensure larger target customers to get in touch with your product. There are many ways you can promote your products.

Online Ads, Television commercials, press, pamphlets, etc. are some of the options to promote your product. Online promoting has a huge list of its own. Google ads, comes underpaid results can prove very useful if done right. Social media platforms are on the rise of giving a huge path into an advertisement. Facebook ads, Instagram ads, etc. the list goes on.

You have to research your target audience and likewise select the mode of promotion of your product. Seasons, time of the day, rival strategies, etc. are some elements that are worth considering while promoting your product.


All Together:

If all the above Ps are held properly and executed aptly, success will follow you. Research is the base of every venture and every aspect. The most important part is to know your own product and your clients.

  Concentrate on satisfying your audience, primarily. Let the income be the secondary target. Determine your target and reach your target.

Unveiled: The concealed facualities of Affiliate Marketing.

People often are unenlightened by the fact that Affiliate Marketing can fetch you not only auxiliary cash but also a regular honorarium; that too by working at home.

Irrespective you doing exactly and aptly what is to be done for the profit, any endeavor that is work at home will fetch you much less return. Less capital investment and no need of delivering services or products from one point to another makes affiliate marketing an Ideal work from home venture.


Affiliate Marketing’s Gospel:

The misconception about affiliate marketing, like any other work from home endeavor, is that people believe in earning more by shelling less or by less hard work. People are made to believe that it is easy money earning path, once you have invested the money your job is done. There are cases of sites that are partner promoting programs saying one can earn huge amount of dollars by doing nothing at all.

Other are the cases which tell you to just set up a membership site and then you can leave it unnoticed but keep on checking your accounts.

The words itself emit the vibe of skulduggery. Like all other work from home ventures, affiliate marketing has the same materiality. As the saying goes ‘No pain, no gain’. There are marketers who are quite rich and are walking on the stairs of prosperity and also who are bagging nothing at all. The real essence in grossing great amount of money in your bank accounts while at home is how good you are at affiliate marketing.


How to successfully hack Affiliate Marketing:

It is not hard to crack affiliate marketing. What you need are an investment of a considerable amount of time, management and detailed information. Following are the steps to help you to shape as a successful affiliate marketer:

  • Begin: Find out about subsidiary advertising and the path to being a success.
  • Prefer only quality ancillary services and products. While doing so, remember that don’t focus on income that you will be fetching but on the quality of goods and services you will be providing.
  • Track: Track all your work so as to understand better about when and how you get paid and all other important money-related issues you need to know so as to guarantee that the program is a perfect match.
  • Pick ancillary topics that would compliment your product or the content on your blogs.
  • Don’t overpower your audience by mismatching or clashing your affiliate promotions.
  • Perceive who your target audience is, the spot you can reach to them and how to lure them towards your site. Do not rely completely on SEO and social networking sites to help you attract your target audience towards your content, blogs, etc.
  • Opt for email advertising as it can amplify ancillary gains.
  • Before you start your affiliate marketing considering all the aspects that will ensure your win. As it is for any other work from home venture, you need a proper arrangement and day by day association to profit with online affiliate marketing.



As aforementioned affiliate marketing is ideal for work from home ventures with a profitable outcome. Here are few advantages of affiliate marketing:

  • The easiest part of affiliate marketing is starting it. Affiliate projects can be joined without paying a dime for registration.
  • The marketing portal you are working for does not require you to develop or produce any goods or services.
  • The shipping and delivery do not fall under your list of responsibilities.
  • The potential of your profitable incomes hinges on how your ancillary programs are advertised.
  • It can be included in the ongoing domestic undertaking to make an extra pay stream.



When there is good there is also bad. Same goes for affiliate marketing. Along with the boons, there are few flaws too:

  • To attract more traffic so as to generate salaries, investment is needed.
  • It’s essential that you choose proper and trustworthy organizations to partner with.
  • Few organizations were claimed not to be paying.
  • There would be many others promoting the same venture as you are.
  • Though you can keep track of how many purchases were made, it is impossible to track who purchased it making it difficult for further deals.

Vibiz – The Right Franchise Model from Vihaan hitech

Vihaan Hitech has come up with the Franchise model in the market. They offer independence of small business ownership supported by the benefits of a big business network. Their business helps in promoting their clients business across the market. Branding is all important today. So, if you are keen to start your own branding business, Vihaan Hitech is here to help you take up the franchise of an established business name. You do not need business experience to run a franchise. Vihaan Hitech provides the training you need to operate their business model.

Being associated with Vihaan Hitech derives the benefits of business recognition, business loyalty and the goodwill that Vihaan Hitech has built up in past years. Franchises have a higher rate of success than start-up businesses. You can taste success of the business and its demand. It is time consuming, effortless and money saving as you do not need to establish and build a business name. You may find it easier to secure finance for a franchise. It cost less to buy a franchise than starting your own business.

If the business is the leader in its segment, for example lets take a reputed business like Shahnaz Husain, the franchisee derives the benefits of being associated with a leading brand and the demand for the products and salon treatments. Shahnaz Husain’s franchise salons have a standard look and feel. People do recognize Shahnaz Husain salon from its logo, colours, style and other treatments, there are several other aspects and symbols which help client and customers identify with the Shahnaz Husain brand. The clinic décor, operational standards, specialized treatments, name boards, letter heads, etc., are unique factors and help the brand stand apart from others.

To have a business model with proven success is also a great advantage. In today’s world, Consumers expect a high level of service, professionalism and also expects a quick result. Our franchisees are guided towards achieving this. For instance, our franchisees are required to have basic equipments and a commitment to a positive customer experience. Franchises have an established reputation and image, experienced management, work ethics and ongoing support. Vihaan Hitech builds confidence in the clients and customers and helps the franchisee’s business succeed.

Vibiz - Start your own business

ViBiz – First Choice of Entrepreneurs

Successful entrepreneurs are a master at multi-tasking.

Successful entrepreneurs have a phenomenal sense of responsibility.

Successful entrepreneurs know the importance of perfection.

But successful entrepreneurs also know that theycannot possibly do it all, alone. Which is why, a successful entrepreneur knows how to prioritize.

As entrepreneurship is a 24hr job, it can become extremely overwhelming for one person to exceed in all aspects of business. While the idea of working for your own seems very enticing, it is, in reality the most difficult thing.

Let us start from the beginning; how do you start a business? How do you form a business? How do you register it? How will you handle the finances? You will face a 100 more questions and more.

As exciting starting up a new business sounds, actually kick starting it requires the most effort and expertise.

Introducing ViBiz, the ultimate business companion.

We know and understand how complicated and tiresome the process of starting up a business firm is. Right from becoming an officially recognized business entity to selecting a solid set of tech tools for your business. From creating an online entity to managing all the finances.From recruiting your employees to training them and from creating your brand to marketing your brand.

ViBiz will always be your go-to option. Let us handle all these responsibilities for you while you focus on the most important thing, your own business. We have an array of services so as to be an end solution for all of your business needs. We would not only provide you with the process related expertise, but will provide you with the necessary training so you can make most of this opportunity.

ViBiz will help you take all the important business decisions and give you all the necessary tools to carry out your business smoothly. We excel at marketing activities which will help you reach your client, convince your client, acquire your client and form a trusting business relationship with them.

Allow us to handle all the back-end process, incubate and nurture your business.

Let ViBiz be the first step towards your success.




Optimize your Product by effective Content Marketing

online content marketing

Content marketing is the most effective of all the marketing tools. It will push the product in the market directly. The marketing trend has grown up and is changing in the different direction however if the content is introduced along with the product it is noticeable.  Content can be written by any one understanding the product so it is not necessary to publish the name of the writer on the portal. This is the reason many of the ghost writers are coming into picture. The ghost writing is the concept wherein you supply the write-ups to the companies promoting the product. However the stay of the product is relevant to it and will promote it in the right direction. Than the role of the publisher comes in picture.

The bloggers and business owners can promote there product on there websites. Strong research is done to project the product features.  This means the content developer needs to know the product and create a user friendly content for the company usage. Content marketing plan is done after the content is established in the mind of the proof reader. Later on the content marketer will do the job and throw out the content on the right kind of platforms across the internet. Various social platform and related websites are loaded with the content of the product. Along with this images and attractive features of the product float on the internet so that it gets maximum amount of visitors.

Later on track is kept on the content so that it gets renewed every now and then for this editorial planner can be used to keep a record of the content. With the use of this the content will be reviewed and the search optimization can be done.