Do you have a website? What about Digital Strategy?

When you have a business it becomes necessary to have a website of your business. Without a website, your business is as good as non-existing. But while you have a website what exactly do you do in order to promote your business further? You need a proper plan i.e. a digital strategy for your website so that you can ensure your website remains active and attracts attention from the target audience.

Here is how you can achieve your goal with digital strategy:

Set an objective:
The most important step for a business is to set up a goal or objective on which they can plan the further steps accordingly. Identify your aim and goal and work towards it. Once you know what your objective is, you will know what exactly needs to be done. You will get a clear idea of what platforms to use and how as well as when to use these platforms.

Study your previous strategies:
One should study their previous strategies, this will help them to understand if their strategies are working or failing to fulfill the needed. Always while studying your past strategies do not attempt to study the entire process. Select one-time interval at a time to study the results and hence you will understand the strategy and its results much better.

Recognize your target audience:
Without an audience, your business will be of no use. You should know which group of audience your business is related to. This group will be your target audience as well as potential consumers. Always remember to pay utmost attention to your audience as they are the main element of your strategy. Know their needs, wants, desires, etc. and work your strategy accordingly.
Every time you start your research make sure to cover the basic information at first such as name, age, gender, etc. After you have completed covering the basic most information, move towards the deeper information that includes the problems of the audience and check out the ones your business or company can solve. Working on the audience’s emotional needs, desires, etc. can work for you in a positive way. Now their goals, aspirations, wants, etc. and you will know how to exactly attract them and maintain the relationship.

Develop your marketing plan:
Only making a marketing plan and strategy is not enough for a website. You also need to update or develop your digital marketing plan. Developing a digital marketing plan involves proper research and study of your target audience as well as insightful assumptions that help you to develop your marketing plan as such that your audience is kept entertained and curious for more.

Concentrating on quality SEO copy instead of SEO update.

There are new updates released every now and then. And when this happens everyone around gets drowned into the stress of learning and changing the techniques. Let the worry rest and concentrate on the quality of the SEO copy.

All the stress and anxiety related to the new update is not at all productive. Google updates are to make your strategy better and not to quit the effort. This is not a reason to stop composing content. This is a huge opportunity, grab it! The dread of the updates shifts your focus and brings your productivity to a halt.

No matter what the update is, a great, resourceful and original content will always be useful. The secret is to concentrate on your clients and target audience’s needs rather than concentrating on what Google needs. You are wasting a lot of time in the process of wondering about Google and its need.

Find out ways to keep your focus on your content and its development and it will help you to go through the algorithmic updates with ease.
Ask these questions:

o What do the clients enquire?
• What your client enquires about can help you in developing the required content and add all the required points and terms to it. Remember to make your content as engaging and resourceful as possible. Also, remember to solve the queries online and in time.

o Does our content speak on behalf of our organization?
• This is a vital question. The content you update should sound like your whole organization and not one individual. The content should have the vibe of reliability along with trustworthiness.

o Is there any low-quality content on our sites that need to be settled?
• Track and check your site to deduce if your site has any kind of low-quality content that might need a bit of settling.

Improved Organic Rankings can Escalate your Website’s Traffic.

Everything is going online today. Going online is equivalent to moving ahead at a much faster rate. Online marketing is growing day-to-day at a very high speed. Opting internet marketing strategy has become a default choice for every individual. In this drag race, it is important to have a proper site and a great ranking to make sure you are still in the race. The patterns and methods are changing in the digital marketing world. But the path to progress remains unchanged, SEO. SEO is the only element that will ensure your organic rankings.
It is necessary to be aware of all the changing aspects of the web marketing. Today keywords are not the only priority, though keywords still are one among the priority. It is essential to make sure that when a client is searching for your product, the rival should not end up above your ranking on the SERP. The right SEO technics and strategies will ensure your win in the journey ahead.

Here are some elements are to be kept in mind to ensure your organic results are improved and your site gets the required visibility:

Understanding Good and Bad Links:
Backlinks have turned out to be a great component in the world of SEO. SEO specialists and Google searchers have called out for attention towards the fact that the links will remain the important positioning factor in the coming years. Not having many links or having a few links will get activity from Google for the websites. However, this won’t help in contending the legitimate sites or business endeavors you have. The current pattern is to acquire or to build a good quality of backlinks.

The speed of the Website:
In this fast running era, no one waits for anyone let alone time. The speed of a website plays a vital role in the organic rankings. People everywhere are in a rush at all the time and no one cares to wait for a page or website to load no matter how worthy the content is. User experience is an essential factor to ensure your rankings. A good speed of your website will garner great user experience. As it is said the first impression is the last impression; similarly when a searcher clicks on the link to your website the first impression of you is the speed of the website. The longer it takes for the site to load the less traffic will be attracted.

Though the patterns are changing all the time in the digital marketing world, the keyword has not lost its significance. Keywords are an essential part of SERP. They lead the searcher to the required results aptly. Using keywords in your content can increase your visibility as well as the organic ranking of your website. Usage of right keywords will help the target audience to reach your website. Keywords will minimize or eradicate the unnecessary traffic towards your website.

For increasing your organic content, keywords and SEO strategies are not enough. There are searchers who genuinely want real content. Content that is fresh and sharp enough. A content of good quality will be praised by the audience. Updating a new blog on regular basis will keep the audience satisfied but also hungry for more. Such blog might be also shared on social networking sites thus increasing the visibility.


For a business to become a success, it is necessary to promote your business with a proper marketing strategy. Many are confused regarding which online marketing strategy would work best for them, SEO or PPC? Before opting any one strategy among them, let’s get to know what exactly SEO and PPC individually mean:

PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click. As the name suggests it includes money transaction. Here, the advertiser has to pay a certain amount of money so as to run his/her ad on targeted keywords. It is a way of obtaining visitors to your site. PPC ads appear first in the SERPs.

SEO gives you organic rankings in the SERPs. Organic rankings are the unpaid rankings. Keywords are the important element here. Your ranking depends on the keywords you use and the quality of your content.

It depends entirely on you which strategy you use for online marketing. There is no right and wrong strategy here. Which strategy you choose and how you work with it will show off in the SERPs.

PPC charges money but is a fast medium to get your page in the top rankings. PPC can entice a large traffic towards your page and can similarly lose the traffic as well.

SEO is the organic ranking medium. It takes time to reach the ranking by building up the site, keyword indexing, etc. SEO will get you quality traffic even if not a huge number of visitors.

Though slow, SEO will give you quality lead. SEO effort will give you PPC leads as well. If done right, organic SEO and PPC can work wonders for your site.

Examining your Website with SEO tools.

Every time the Google algorithm is updated, it becomes difficult for people to analyze their websites. Here, we will tell you few ways in which you can examine and investigate your website easily and without any worry.
There are many SEO tools available out there to help you examine your website even though the Google algorithm has been changed. Do not panic when the Google algorithm changes, just use one of these:

Google Webmaster:
The best way to know Google’s perspective of your site is to ask it to Google itself. Google Webmaster is not only a free tool but is also a user-friendly tool that does not need you to be a master or expert in SEO. Google’s Fetch enables you to look at your site the way Google sees it, which is basic when troubleshooting for poor SEO execution.
Another element of Google Webmaster is PageSpeed Insights. This tool tracks the execution of your desktops and mobile site for speed. It scores the site ranging from 0 to 100 points. A score of 85 and above depicts that your site is performing extremely well.

Check My Links:
Check My Link is used to discover any link that is broken. This helps to make corrections to the page before making it go releasing it. Also, it is a free tool. There are many links that are internally or externally attached to a website. At times these links might be broken and affect the user experience. To prevent such situations, Check My Link tool proves to be helpful.

Moz Pro:
Moz Pro tool is available for a 30-day free trial; further one has to pay $99/month – $599/month. This helps you to expand your business search rankings. It helps you to recognize SEO openings, track development, fabricate reports and upgrade their overall efforts with their collection of research devices.

SEO Report Card:
SEO Report Card helps you to examine your website to determine how it stacks up against your competitors. SEO Report covers the following:
Rank analysis: A preview of where your site ranks on the Google SERP. Aside from Google, Bing and Yahoo are also included.
Link building: A detailed record of your interlinked sites.
On location analysis: Analyzing how your keywords worked.
Site Accessibility: Sites load time and simplicity of openness for crawlers.
Put stock in metrics: Reviewing sites level of trust and authority.
Current Indexing: A sign of what number of your sites are indexed.

Understanding SEO for better marketing strategy.

What exactly is SEO?
SEO is a short form of Search Engine Optimization. As the name suggests, SEO is related to search engines. SEO involves a process of affecting the web search results in order to increase the online visibility of a particular website or web page.
In other words, SEO enables the search engines to arrange the websites accordingly, thus attracting traffic towards the website. Basically, SEO attracts traffic to your website.
Why is SEO essential in digital marketing?
While searching for any topic online, people tend to check always the first 5 appearing results. It is rare that people go forward to check out the results that are lined up on other pages of the search engine result pages (SERP). People trust the order of the search engine results and rely on them. Hence SEO is essential.
SEO helps to grow and develop your business by placing it in the proper order on the SERP. Having the topmost or even among the few topmost results of the search engine can make a lot of difference. These results are the organic ones i.e. unpaid ones. The paid results section is placed on the top with AD written under it. For better traffic attention it is very important that your website appears in the top five results and SEO can make that happen.

The search engines have some specific needs and methods for it to work. Following is the list of he needs a search engine requires:

Search engines are always are always trying to provide possibly the aptest results for your search or queries. Search engines are designed to provide you with the best search result possible. For example, if you search for a location nearby you like restaurant, café, general store, etc. you will be provided with the results that might include in and around your area results. All this is based on the searcher’s location, time of the day, etc.

Content is important as it will keep your audience engaged and ensure more traffic and frequent visits from the target audience. People want helpful content that contains useful articles, photos, videos, etc. Google tends to change the method of working of search engines by making it more understanding of what the searcher wants rather than the keywords. Hence, long-form content is necessary.

User experience:
User experience is the man element to keep in mind. Your website should be engaging and build curiosity and hunger for more content on your page. This will ensure that your page will have more visits. The site should be easy to use and simple to navigate around for the audience or searchers.

Speed Of The Site:
A site that loads quickly makes a lot of difference in today’s time. People want everything super fast and no one, believe me, no one wants to wait for the site to open up for more than a second. If your site takes more than 3 seconds to load, you are at a risk of losing your traffic and audience.

Device compatibility:
Your site should be compatible with any device. People have portable devices with them like mobile phones, tablets, etc. which are useful for on the go operations. The way your site appears on the desktop screen is different than how it should appear on the mobile screen. This should be managed and taken care of as it will affect your customer’s user experience.

Internal Linking:
Adding links to your content will ensure your site has a clear navigation. Internal links can increase the activity of your website leading higher trust signals to Google. Internal linking will ad the benefit for your reader to read on furthermore. It will also improve your ranking on the SERPs and will help Google to index your website.

Meta descriptions:
Meta description has nothing to do with improving the rankings of your website. It has the potential to make a searcher open your website. The Meta description is a short introduction which appears just below your website on the SERPs. It tells the searcher what your site contains in brief and it helps the searcher decide if he/she wants to explore your website or no.

Tagging images:
When you add images to your content it is necessary to tag them. Images help you to illustrate your content and adding proper tags will help the reader to relate more to the content. For example, if your content is a recipe, adding the image of the ingredients or the stages of the recipe or the end result will make the reader feel secure.

Try to use an eye-catching and descriptive but witty headline for your content. Also, keep your headline below 55-characters to make sure it appears aptly in the SERPs. Headlines attract the searcher and it depends on the headline first if the reader or searcher will open your website or not.

Turning off comments for your content will reduce the interaction of your audience. Try and respond to as many comments you can to increase the discussion and the activity of your content.

Google is including location-based search results on the top most rank. This helps the reader to know the exact location be it a restaurant or hospital or a company. Remember to add location to your content.

Social Media:
Social media is the ultimate destination to increase your visibility. Keep sure to be active with your content on the social media pages to increase not only the visibility but also the traffic for your website.


Why is a Mobile Friendly Website a must?

Do you use a mobile phone? Well, who doesn’t? Today mobile phones are a lot more than just communicating devices with calls or messages. Mobile phones are a whole world within it.
When you have a business, a website is a must. When you have a website of your business, it’s a must that the website should be cell phone compatible. Why? Many might not “feel” the need to have a website that is compatible with every mobile phone. But let me tell you why exactly:

Grow with the world:
The mobile world is growing with the speed of the raging fire. One needs to be updated with the current trends. Most of the people and have cell phones. It’s a portable device and it is easier to operate as well.
People are constantly surfing the net on the mobile phone for every kind of data. Having a site that is mobile phone compatible is the need of the hour. If you aim at increasing your traffic and building your website furthermore, this is a crucial point for you.

Google supported:
Google supports the websites that are mobile friendly. What else reason do u need now? Portability is the trend now. Keep up with it. You can also check your ranking in the mobile world. Entering your URL on the tools available will help you identify and determine if your site is being ranked.

Buyers are your ultimate destinations. Most of the buyers are mobile users. Well? You need your buyers and to reach them, you need a mobile compatible website. Unless and until your site is well compatible the buyers won’t purchase from your site.

If the sources are to be believed, there are many factors that make it essential to have a mobile-friendly website. But there is one conclusion that makes it all the more essential. Many websites are still not mobile friendly. This gives an opportunity to go ahead of your competitors and become the first among them to be a mobile-friendly website. This factor, that your website is mobile friendly, will allow you to rank higher than your competitors.

Influencer Marketing’s Bunce.

The marketing strategies keep on changing at a lightning speed. Influencer Marketing is one such trend in the field of marketing. It is one of the fastest growing marketing strategies.
Influencer marketing does not target the whole market; instead, it targets the people who have influence over the market. Here, the influential people are the medium between the market and consumers. There are many influential people whom the people follow. For example, there are many YouTubers and Instagramers whom the generation follows. Such people are the influencers.

The traditional marketing strategies that include print media and TV are outdated. People avoid the advertisements that appear way all the time. Even the advertisements on the videos can be skipped. People do not like being bombarded by advertisements all the time. The traditional marketing strategies are being ignored by the masses now. To lower the rate of promotions and to reach out to a large number of audiences it is necessary to use the social media. Social media allows you to reach out the determined set of audience and also the potential customers. Celebrity marketing is expensive and might or might not return the required or target profit.

In such scenario, influencer marketing comes handy. It is not just a popular strategy of reaching the audiences among the brands but it is also relatively cheaper than other marketing strategies. Influencers have their own specific platforms and content that earns them followers. Due to the influencers being specific in their fields, particular brands can attract more audience. For example, a company of helmets can assign a moto vlogger who is quite famous. In this way, the followers of the moto vlogger will follow the advertisement too.

However, as they say where there is good there is also bad. And here, influencer marketing has its own set of drawbacks. There are people who pay to increase their list of followers just for the sake of it. Such people are just increasing their followers without having any concept of their own. Influencer marketing campaigns won’t work with such people. There won’t be any generation of leads since the followers are not generic. Remember to check the profile of the person thoroughly before starting the campaign.

There are no set methods to calculate the exact ROI of influencer marketing. The trick is to introduce most suitable influencer for your campaign. The influencer should be able to characterize your brand image aptly. In recent activities of influencer marketing, P&G roped in the famous YouTuber Lilly Singh to endorse Pantene online. She did a collab with Priyanka Chopra. Lilly Singh a.k.a. Superwoman is a famous YouTube sensation. She has incredible followers and also is familiar with many famous personalities including Dwayne Johnson a.k.a. The Rock. She has the perfect followers for the Pantene campaign. She is the new picture of a strong woman and many look up to her and are inspired by her.

Such strategies can be very useful for the companies and organizations. This generation is inspired by YouTubers and Instagramers. Companies can find many such influencers on these platforms.

Why is Internet Marketing Beneficial to all today?

Internet Marketing has become the ideal marketing medium. In the past internet marketing was done by or for only the big and established corporate bodies. Anyone else never even dared to opt Internet marketing. Much has changed since then and now the web is the center of attraction for every individual and company.
Internet marketing or online marketing is a vast and diverse region where individuals of any age group can opt from a list of various options for promotion. This platform has enabled many to be successful. Pay-per-click, email marketing, banner advertising, etc. are some of the tools of online marketing.
Following is a list of reasons why opting internet marketing is the best option:

The cost required for internet marketing is almost nothing. When you analyze the sum total of your clients you can decide how to showcase your data while the information can be spared and put aside for continuous usage. This type of storage costs less but increases the speed of time usage. Internet marketing spares you the cost of capital, land, etc. This helps you to save your money and then you can utilize the saved money for other commercial development of your site.

Internet marketing has the potential to reach a large audience. Just by being in one place you can make your data visible to many those are away from you. You can address your audience’s queries or issues irrespective of where they or you are. The flow never stops. The market keeps on moving.

Customer Involvement:
The speed of your website can enable your customer or audience to be in touch with you. How quick can the customer reach to you and how fast you respond to them will make a lot of difference? Internet marketing helps you to be in touch with your audience and solve their queries, respond to their requests, etc. This makes your clients happy and ensures their involvement. Your online profile helps your client to get in touch with you, send you queries or make requests.
Communication is the way to keep your customer engaged. Internet marketing allows you to communicate with your clients.

Targeting particular goals:
The Internet has made it easy to achieve specific targets. You can convey your message or make your data visible to a large number of audience by using the right keywords in cases of educational blogs or using hashtags for social media sites. This can be done economically. Online marketing helps you to focus and work towards your target with minimal efforts and precision.

Setting up or building links:
Online marketing has made it easy for the individuals to construct new links that were not thought of before. Proper keyword phrasing, different strategies, and email marketing can help you to concentrate on customized message with utmost accuracy.

Other than targeting messages, LinkedIn Groups can be used to connect and discuss with other people of the industry. Online tools make it easy to meet new customers, influencers, partners, etc.

Increase the loading speed of your website by following these simple hacks.

This is the era of speed. Everyone is in a hurry and everyone wants their work to be done fast and quick. When people open a link to a particular site, they expect it to load within seconds. No one has the patience to wait for the page to load, it should be quick. If your page takes more than three seconds to load, you are in a danger of losing your audiences. This may turn fatal against you. To avoid such a danger of losing your audiences and making it worse for you, below are few hacks to help you improve your website’s loading speed:

Plugins are useful and convey new components to your website. This helps to maintain the proper loading speed of your website. Broken plugins or outdated plugin can cause your website to crash or to load slower. Eradicate the unwanted plugins or the ones that are slowing your site.

HTTP Keep-alive response heads:
Requests that are sent by HTTP are straight to the point. They grab and send a single document and closes. It is straight to the point but is quick. Keep-alive allows the web program and server an assent to use the same relation with different receive and send records.

Reducing the size of the images:
When images are included on the webpage, they ought to make your website slow. To avoid this, you can reduce the image size by applying new image formats. There are free tools available for reducing the image sizes which can be accessed easily and are also easy to use.

Using browser caching stores caching version of static resources is the best way to fasten the speed of your website and reducing the server lagging. When a client visits your site, the reserved version will not be served unless it has been changed since the last time it was saved. This excuses lots of requests given to your server eventually making it faster.

Combining Images into CSS sprites:
Having lots of pictures or images on your website can make your website slower due to various round excursions of the server trying to secure all the assets of the webpage. Sprites combine all the images on the webpage making them a single image on one page. The correct picture is shown on account of the CSS foundation picture and foundation position properties.

Implementing CND:
A CND or Content Delivery Network conveys the static documents of the website on servers that are physically near to your client’s area. Since the servers and clients are near the speed of the stacking is high.

A specific amount of bytes, that is being sent over a system, can be packed or compressed. You can upgrade your content for compression by making consistency over your HTML and CSS code.