Why is it essential to maintain your Website?

The way we need to maintain our car, AC, etc. to make sure that they work smoothly, it is necessary to maintain your website to ensure its smooth working. Regular maintenance of your website will ensure profit and proper traffic to your website. Maintaining a website means you need to check your sites regularly and add fresh content at perfect intervals to keep your audience engaged and interested. If your website has not been updated n time, there is a risk of losing your traffic.
Let us explain you this in detail:

Security for you and your clients:
In a case where you use CMS or Content Management System, it is essential to keep your site upgraded with bug fixes and security patches. Hackers target the sites that have not been updated to the recent software as the old software site is a simple target. Hackers can not only damage your site but also cause harm to your client’s device. It is advisable to keep upgrading your software as regularly as possible.

First impression:
Keeping your site up to date will ensure a better client experience. No one likes an outdated or broken site. When a client visits your website, the recent activities of your company and the upcoming events or products will keep them engaged. Other than keeping your client engaged with your site it will also make an impression of you being perfect in your game. The impression is the important element when you are dealing with a potential client or organization.

Boosting Search Engine Ranking= More Traffic:
Where does your Website appear on the SERP, is an important fact. Search engine ranking can change a lot for your website. People mostly do not have time to go through all the search results, hence they opt for the first few results. To boost your search engine ranking it is essential that your content must be fresh, new and original. Keywords also play a vital role in boosting your ranking on the SERP.

Backing up your important data is essential to prevent losing any information that might be useful in future. There are times when you can lose your website or your website crashes and you lose important data. By having a backup you will always have the assurance of your data being safe all the time.

Give your clients or audience a reason to revisit your site. When your content is shareable, applicable and interesting your clients will be visiting your site regularly. Let your audience know about you and your website. Keep adding enough pictures, recordings, internal links, etc. to keep your audience engaged and to let them know that you are an industry pioneer. The images or recordings you use should be related to your content and also informative. Start a blog, regularly update your blog. Be more active through the social media platforms. Help your clients by providing them with the needed content and develop yourself as the top organization in your field.

The key areas you need to focus your SEO campaign on.

SEO campaign is the essential strategy for a website. A clear strategy addressing the main issues of the website is what SEO is all about. Unfortunately, this overlooked by most of the websites.
There are many factors that affect your campaign. First of all, you need to do your homework well. An effective campaign needs to fulfill few important requirements.

Following are the areas you need to focus on:


Content is the filling of your website. Your content should not be just words piled into sentences and sentences piled into paragraphs. Audiences need and want interesting and apt content. Study and research what the need of your reader is and put it in your content. Content needs to be crisp and sharp with intelligence. An engaging content will ensure the traffic flow to your website.
Along with being crisp and witty, the content should also be informative. When your content has the needful information it will help you in garnering more traffic and get shared on social media platforms. Content should always be a priority and should be relevant.

Adding internal and external links is an essential element of SEO. This increases the activity that the Google tracks. But before adding the links in the content, it is important to verify the links. If the links are broken or not valid it might act against you and disturb the user experience causing the traffic to decrease for your website.
Always make sure to use the right links that won’t tamper with your content or the user experience. To prevent this there are many tools available and also are free. These tools will help you to determine if the link is broken or invalid.

For a website, it is essential that is has a strong search presence or at least that it is recognized by Google. Being on the search list is a top priority for new company or organizations. Search presence can be established by having links or connection with other websites, etc.
The business owners often don’t realize that their company is an industry leader and fails to appear on the first relevant searches of the Google SERP. To ensure your website’s appearance on the first relevant searches it is essential to building quality content and connections with another website. Also, it is important to engage in national or social local events.

Keywords help to organize your content as per the subject or topic. When a particular keyword is typed during searching a certain subject by the audience, keywords help your content to appear on the SERP. Keywords are the essential factors when it comes to visibility on the SERPs.
Usage of proper keywords and balance of the keywords are necessary to maintain the visibility of the website. Keywords used should be relevant to the content. Using unnecessary keywords would put you at risk of losing the traffic.

Technical enhancements:
Technical issues of the website should never be overlooked. It is important to make sure that your website is maintained properly and does not have any factor that might tamper the speed of your website.
At times, the website might get corrupted and broken. Maintenance and upgrading of the website is the key to keep your website running smoothly.

Change your content marketing in 2018.

The year is ending and so should the old ways of marketing. As the New Year sets in, let’s follow some new marketing tips:

Allure the audience with your content:
While writing content, it is necessary to maintain the engaging element. Your content should firstly attract the audience and secondly should keep the audience engaged and wanting for more. The quality of the content is the main element here. An impeccable, spotless, informative, as well as entertaining and enchanting content, will ensure the flow of target audience and activity on the webpage.

Respond to the doubts and questions:
Your audience should feel the attention from you. When you let a doubt, question or query go by without answering it leaves a negative impact on your audience. Solve all the doubts your audience has and you will get their loyalty in return. To maintain the activity on your webpage or the post you need to address all your audience’s queries properly. Your reply can encourage more and more people to ask you questions and thereby increasing the interaction.

Images of top quality:
Graphics or images used in your content will pump up the whole user experience. Images help the audience to view and understand your content much better. Though the images should be of the top or high quality. Adding images at times also has a negative impact on the loading speed of the webpage. You should definitely add in images but also the size and other details of the images should not interfere with the loading speed of the webpage.

Allowing guest blogging:
To create or make content with minimal or no effort, guest blogging is the ideal option. This will also enable the flow of traffic towards your webpage. You can promote this by posting guest blogs on another website and inviting people to write guest blogs or their respective content on your website. This will empower a large audience to view and operate your website. Collaborating with other websites will bring in potential customers to your page.

Selecting tool:
There are many content marketing tools available online, some free and some for an amount. You need to be up to date with the changing marketing tools and the trends of marketing tools. You are not needed to use the maximum amount of tools for marketing but you need to use the right tool for marketing and that would do.

Social Media:
Social media has covered up almost everything. It is an ideal medium to reach out to potential cust9mers and your audience. This platform should never be ignored when it comes to marketing. When business is in full swing it should have its presence on social media platforms. Having a presence on social media platform will mark the brand of the business online more efficiently.

Attract audience into reading your content.

Words and precisely formed sentences are what make content worth reading. Just adding words and forming a sentence won’t build content. Content needs gracefully formed sentences with words that are spellbinding. You need to know what exactly the audience wants and work towards it.
All this helps you to build and publish your content, but what after that? Your content needs to reach out to your target audiences. Content without comments, likes or shares is bound to lower your confidence and moral. Your work doesn’t end by publishing your content, there’s still lots to be done to make your content reach the right audience and at the right time.
Don’t lose hope just here. There are simple ways to get this sorted. Following are the points that can help you to garner the attention of the targeted audience:

Incisive content:
Audiences like simple but witty content. It keeps them engaged and also informed. When you use something that is witty or intelligent, people are engaged. When you manage to engage your audience, it will also help you to make them hungry for more. There are many readers and not always they will like your content. Every individual has his/her own liking. Just writing your content in a specific way cannot work as per your wish. You need to add some details and make it more understandable for the audience. Below are the points you can use to make your content simple and understandable along with being intelligent and witty:

Highlight the topics you are discussing in your content. This allows the reader to eliminate the process of reading everything when they are looking for a specific topic. Do not highlight the entire data as it would be of no use to the reader and might get irritating. Highlight to segregate the main topic and the data.

Line break:
Make sure that your content is user-friendly by giving enough space between words and sentences. An overcrowded content will be confusing and not so attractive to the reader. Remember to keep required and specific blank space in your content.

Content should start with an introduction. Directly addressing the point may work against you. Add proper subheads wherever needed. Don’t use subheads everywhere, use them only where it is actually necessary. Make your subheads Apprising and enthralling.

Adding links to your content gives more interaction by the readers. Also, adding external links will depict that you have done your homework well and you know what you are talking about. Use both internal and external links in your content wherever needed. Linking also helps when someone else tries to copy your matter and data to build their own content.


For a business to become a success, it is necessary to promote your business with a proper marketing strategy. Many are confused regarding which online marketing strategy would work best for them, SEO or PPC? Before opting any one strategy among them, let’s get to know what exactly SEO and PPC individually mean:

PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click. As the name suggests it includes money transaction. Here, the advertiser has to pay a certain amount of money so as to run his/her ad on targeted keywords. It is a way of obtaining visitors to your site. PPC ads appear first in the SERPs.

SEO gives you organic rankings in the SERPs. Organic rankings are the unpaid rankings. Keywords are the important element here. Your ranking depends on the keywords you use and the quality of your content.

It depends entirely on you which strategy you use for online marketing. There is no right and wrong strategy here. Which strategy you choose and how you work with it will show off in the SERPs.

PPC charges money but is a fast medium to get your page in the top rankings. PPC can entice a large traffic towards your page and can similarly lose the traffic as well.

SEO is the organic ranking medium. It takes time to reach the ranking by building up the site, keyword indexing, etc. SEO will get you quality traffic even if not a huge number of visitors.

Though slow, SEO will give you quality lead. SEO effort will give you PPC leads as well. If done right, organic SEO and PPC can work wonders for your site.

Examining your Website with SEO tools.

Every time the Google algorithm is updated, it becomes difficult for people to analyze their websites. Here, we will tell you few ways in which you can examine and investigate your website easily and without any worry.
There are many SEO tools available out there to help you examine your website even though the Google algorithm has been changed. Do not panic when the Google algorithm changes, just use one of these:

Google Webmaster:
The best way to know Google’s perspective of your site is to ask it to Google itself. Google Webmaster is not only a free tool but is also a user-friendly tool that does not need you to be a master or expert in SEO. Google’s Fetch enables you to look at your site the way Google sees it, which is basic when troubleshooting for poor SEO execution.
Another element of Google Webmaster is PageSpeed Insights. This tool tracks the execution of your desktops and mobile site for speed. It scores the site ranging from 0 to 100 points. A score of 85 and above depicts that your site is performing extremely well.

Check My Links:
Check My Link is used to discover any link that is broken. This helps to make corrections to the page before making it go releasing it. Also, it is a free tool. There are many links that are internally or externally attached to a website. At times these links might be broken and affect the user experience. To prevent such situations, Check My Link tool proves to be helpful.

Moz Pro:
Moz Pro tool is available for a 30-day free trial; further one has to pay $99/month – $599/month. This helps you to expand your business search rankings. It helps you to recognize SEO openings, track development, fabricate reports and upgrade their overall efforts with their collection of research devices.

SEO Report Card:
SEO Report Card helps you to examine your website to determine how it stacks up against your competitors. SEO Report covers the following:
Rank analysis: A preview of where your site ranks on the Google SERP. Aside from Google, Bing and Yahoo are also included.
Link building: A detailed record of your interlinked sites.
On location analysis: Analyzing how your keywords worked.
Site Accessibility: Sites load time and simplicity of openness for crawlers.
Put stock in metrics: Reviewing sites level of trust and authority.
Current Indexing: A sign of what number of your sites are indexed.

Influencer Marketing’s Bunce.

The marketing strategies keep on changing at a lightning speed. Influencer Marketing is one such trend in the field of marketing. It is one of the fastest growing marketing strategies.
Influencer marketing does not target the whole market; instead, it targets the people who have influence over the market. Here, the influential people are the medium between the market and consumers. There are many influential people whom the people follow. For example, there are many YouTubers and Instagramers whom the generation follows. Such people are the influencers.

The traditional marketing strategies that include print media and TV are outdated. People avoid the advertisements that appear way all the time. Even the advertisements on the videos can be skipped. People do not like being bombarded by advertisements all the time. The traditional marketing strategies are being ignored by the masses now. To lower the rate of promotions and to reach out to a large number of audiences it is necessary to use the social media. Social media allows you to reach out the determined set of audience and also the potential customers. Celebrity marketing is expensive and might or might not return the required or target profit.

In such scenario, influencer marketing comes handy. It is not just a popular strategy of reaching the audiences among the brands but it is also relatively cheaper than other marketing strategies. Influencers have their own specific platforms and content that earns them followers. Due to the influencers being specific in their fields, particular brands can attract more audience. For example, a company of helmets can assign a moto vlogger who is quite famous. In this way, the followers of the moto vlogger will follow the advertisement too.

However, as they say where there is good there is also bad. And here, influencer marketing has its own set of drawbacks. There are people who pay to increase their list of followers just for the sake of it. Such people are just increasing their followers without having any concept of their own. Influencer marketing campaigns won’t work with such people. There won’t be any generation of leads since the followers are not generic. Remember to check the profile of the person thoroughly before starting the campaign.

There are no set methods to calculate the exact ROI of influencer marketing. The trick is to introduce most suitable influencer for your campaign. The influencer should be able to characterize your brand image aptly. In recent activities of influencer marketing, P&G roped in the famous YouTuber Lilly Singh to endorse Pantene online. She did a collab with Priyanka Chopra. Lilly Singh a.k.a. Superwoman is a famous YouTube sensation. She has incredible followers and also is familiar with many famous personalities including Dwayne Johnson a.k.a. The Rock. She has the perfect followers for the Pantene campaign. She is the new picture of a strong woman and many look up to her and are inspired by her.

Such strategies can be very useful for the companies and organizations. This generation is inspired by YouTubers and Instagramers. Companies can find many such influencers on these platforms.

Increase the loading speed of your website by following these simple hacks.

This is the era of speed. Everyone is in a hurry and everyone wants their work to be done fast and quick. When people open a link to a particular site, they expect it to load within seconds. No one has the patience to wait for the page to load, it should be quick. If your page takes more than three seconds to load, you are in a danger of losing your audiences. This may turn fatal against you. To avoid such a danger of losing your audiences and making it worse for you, below are few hacks to help you improve your website’s loading speed:

Plugins are useful and convey new components to your website. This helps to maintain the proper loading speed of your website. Broken plugins or outdated plugin can cause your website to crash or to load slower. Eradicate the unwanted plugins or the ones that are slowing your site.

HTTP Keep-alive response heads:
Requests that are sent by HTTP are straight to the point. They grab and send a single document and closes. It is straight to the point but is quick. Keep-alive allows the web program and server an assent to use the same relation with different receive and send records.

Reducing the size of the images:
When images are included on the webpage, they ought to make your website slow. To avoid this, you can reduce the image size by applying new image formats. There are free tools available for reducing the image sizes which can be accessed easily and are also easy to use.

Using browser caching stores caching version of static resources is the best way to fasten the speed of your website and reducing the server lagging. When a client visits your site, the reserved version will not be served unless it has been changed since the last time it was saved. This excuses lots of requests given to your server eventually making it faster.

Combining Images into CSS sprites:
Having lots of pictures or images on your website can make your website slower due to various round excursions of the server trying to secure all the assets of the webpage. Sprites combine all the images on the webpage making them a single image on one page. The correct picture is shown on account of the CSS foundation picture and foundation position properties.

Implementing CND:
A CND or Content Delivery Network conveys the static documents of the website on servers that are physically near to your client’s area. Since the servers and clients are near the speed of the stacking is high.

A specific amount of bytes, that is being sent over a system, can be packed or compressed. You can upgrade your content for compression by making consistency over your HTML and CSS code.

Attract more traffic to your website with images.

Images have their own way of expressing words. A whole sentence or even situation can be expressed just with an image. So why not make your blog, post, etc. more attractive by using pictures?
Pictures can attract more audience. Also, too many pictures can ruin the content. If apt images are used that are of good quality and at the perfect spot, your content can surely be more interesting. Pictures have to potential to draw the traffic towards your website or web page.

Website Speed:
There are many online sites and platforms that provide best quality pictures that are free. These pictures can be further improvised to suit your content aptly and then used in your blog or post. Adding a picture might add a bit of weight to the site. Therefore, it is essential to track the speed of the website. Always remember that a fast loading site is opted for first. No one likes to wait till the page loads, even though it might be for 10 seconds.

The free tools:
There are various factors that might slow down your website. With a slow loading website, you might be at a risk of losing your target audience and the traffic you have already earned. Hence, pictures are to be used within a limit. To ensure you don’t end up in a fudge, there are many online tools that help you to compress or limit the pictures without damaging the quality. Resize Photo, Tiny PNG, WP Smush, etc. are some of the tools that are free and easy to use.

Image quality and size:
You cannot just pick an image and use it in your content. Before you select an image, make sure that the image is of good quality and won’t be a nuisance further. If the quality of the image is poor the whole content would suffer. As much as the quality is important, the size of the image is also important. Too big or too small image might just ruin the original post or blog. The image used should be of an appropriate size such that neither does it overpower the content nor does it get ignored. You can use various free tools to make sure that your image gets into the proper shape without the quality being disrupted.

Few sites provide free images with a great quality. Make sure you don’t fall into any copyright issue by using any claimed image. Trust the free images providing sites instead of randomly picking up images.

Why is it Important to use Google Tag Manager?

To amalgamate the method of creating labels that so as to send the client connection information to Google Analytics or GA, Google Tag Manager or GTM is used.
Employing Google Tag Manager benefits you with:
Less consumption of time.
Enabling you to add versatility to your site usage.
Easy to use.
Ample of space to make desired labels.
Here, we will tell why Google Tag Manager is essential for you:

History Management:
Google Tag Manager is pivotal for all the sites and has a built-in version control. It makes another version for the changes distributed to other department and is documented. It is simple to rollback to the previous version, whenever you want to. This way the labels remain unbothered and you can still investigate label issues.

Increased speed:
Google Tab Manager speed up many operations. Without code being changed, many changes can be done to the site at a promising speed. This helps to speed up the execution time for the advertisers. The changes can be done faster than before and without much effort or help of a designer provided there are mutual and strong efforts from the IT team.

Site Security:
There is a constant threat of the site being harmed or hacked in some way or other. With GTM there is a strong security for your site and it also prevents your site from breaking down. GTM will never become a reason for your site to be in danger or your site crashing down. You can easily control and track who has access to the GTM and Analytics. You can also accord or refuse access to anyone as needed. There are many various advantages such as using institutionalized layouts for labels, etc.

Working space:
Working spaces enables you to have your own department to test and make changes in the label manifestations. This can help you when u don’t want any interference from the other individuals who are working on the same project as you are. This is useful especially when there are many groups that are moving towards giving out improvements to the site.

Usually, people need the help of a programmer or learn the coding to make labels. With Google Tag Manager you don’t need to be a programmer or the help of one. GTM helps you to make even complicate label with a minimal amount of codes This is a very useful tool for the advertisers. This also helps the engineers to concentrate on more important elements. The IT team will adore the GTM as it has various tools for customization and helps to make things happen much faster than before.

Google Tag Manager or GTM is a free tool. It is the ideal tool to help you out in making labels as when required with less help from any other individual.