These two abbreviations are known to everyone, by name. Not many are aware what exactly they mean or what their full form is and what exactly they are used for. HTTP is Hypertext Transfer Protocol. It is a protocol for internet communication which carries out the process of sending data or information between the website server and the website visitor. The information and data sent are in plain text and hence are readable. HTTPS is Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. As the name suggests it secures or encrypts the data and/or information that is being sent between a website visitor and website server. When HTTPS is present it states that the server is certified and secure.

When you do not have an HTTPS website you might have two major disadvantages to your website. When it comes to Google ranking, Google will penalize your website if it is insecure or if it is not HTTPS. Though the quality of the website matters more than a website being HTTPS, it is still an important element. Another drawback is that visitors on your website having updated Google will keep on receiving warnings that your website is not secure and their information might be at the risk of being misused, etc. These warning might cause your visitors to stop being on your website. No one wants that their information is being stolen or misused and hence no one will want to come to your website after such repeated warning that too from Google!

One must secure his/her website and to do so you should contact your website hosting provider and ask for the quote required to secure the website. The cost may vary depending on how your website is or how huge it is and other such facts. Also, the cost depends largely on how the security certificate is acquired by the hosting provider. Just by securing your website is not the end of the whole scenario. You will then be needed to resubmit your website to Google. If you get stuck on any of these steps, just contact us and we will help you out.

Regulate your social media existence!

Social media is a platform where everyone can create a presence. But maintaining your existence is all the more important. Most of the people are busy on social media platforms all the time. Posting photos, sharing thoughts, liking posts, commenting on them, sharing posts, etc. are some of the many activities one does on these social media platforms. But how do you maintain your existence on them? Especially when you are away? If you have such thought racing through your minds without any useful answers to them, we are here to help you out.

To maintain your presence over your social media there are few steps you need to follow and few changes to do. Read on below to know exactly what and why you need to do:

Always- Quality over Quantity:
Just posting for the sake of it, is never beneficial. You need to have proper content that would be enjoyed and liked by the audience. Social media like it or not involve a large number of audience and people often interact. Quality always wins over quantity and that is what exactly is needed to build your presence and to preserve it too. Instead of posting 10 blogs with no basic idea, post one blog with informative content that is engaging and interesting as well.

Images make your content more interesting and attractive. Images will increase the chances of your post being paid attention to relatively more than a post without an image. Images should not be covering up most of your content or space. Images should be related to the content and should be of high quality as well.

Timing is important:
You might need to do a small study or research for this one but it will be profitable to you. Depending on your content there is always a peak time when your target audience is at the highest and you will get a guaranteed amount of attention that you seek. This time is the essential one as you can hold on the audience and create potential consumers as well. You can experiment for a while before you start a full-fledged campaign on social media.

Tag the Hash!
Hashtags are underrated and hated by most of the people but many are naïve of the fact that hashtags can work wonders and garner the attention of the right audience. Use hashtags at the end of your post or content and wherein between as required. Do no, however, flood your content with hashtags as that can be annoying and people will most probably skip the whole content.

Mobiles are the precious devices when it comes to marketing online. A smartphone can be used to carry out almost any command for social media purposes. Learn how the social media works on smartphones and you can handle the rest much easily.

Here’s why one must Blog!

Blogging is one way you can keep in touch with your audience or readers and followers. Blogging has changed since the first time it came into existence. Blogging was first seen in the 1990’s, since then people have slowly but steadily started blogging. Primarily blogging was just like sharing emotions, opinions, etc. But now that has changed and blogging has a huge platform for itself. There are millions of people engaged in blogging. Blogging can be seen as a vital element in business as well as digital marketing.
Blogging helps in search engine optimization. In SEO one can increase visibilities on the SERPs i.e. search engine result pages. This is done when blogs are updated at regular intervals. When your website appears on the SERPs, there is a considerable amount of attention drawn towards your website. This will increase the activity and will eventually bring in more traffic. Blogging enables you to appear as an expert in your field. There is an enormous amount of knowledge one can gain by blogging.

Google keeps changing its algorithm and hence it has become essential to improve your website’s SEO in order to increase your business and attract the target audience. If the blogging is done precisely you will have no problem at all in increasing your website’ search engine optimization. All you need to do is upload quality content and at a regular interval of time. A blog will enable you to direct your readers to the certain main parts of the website by adding links, internal as well as external. This will increase the web traffic that you need towards your website, this will also help you in getting the attention of potential customers.

While you are posting blogs for your company, you are also developing a relationship with the readers or consumers of your company. The kind of content you upload will determine the status of the relationship between you and the consumer. You can build a healthy trustful relationship with the customer. Once the customer trusts you, you will eventually gain their loyalty. At times people fail to see this advantage of having a blog of the company. The brand is the image of the whole company and everything related will be seen as the brand’s doing or fault as a whole. Your content should be right on facts and informative, it also should be crisp and entertaining that will keep the reader engrossed and wanting for more.

As a hobby, blogging has crossed a lot of barriers and emerged as a full strategy to market your company. This business tool can prove to be your key to success in your field.

How does the world look through the consumer’s view?

Different people have different likes and dislike. Even children differ in their likes and dislikes. Different people have a different definition for good design. We are literally trained to form an opinion of our own. People advocate this saying everyone needs to learn to take their own decisions and give their opinions. But is this really working the way it should? This trait has been proved to be not as positive as kids are learning to be biased, which is not a good element. This usually leads to people disagreeing with the actual good ideas people have.
Though we know that the goal of our clients is to acquire some particular kind of response from the target audience and hence they need the specific kind of design, etc. The response could be subscribing, following, purchasing or even posting or registering. It’s not always what opinions you will get it’s about what will trigger certain things. There are many business persons well established and settled into their field but it not necessary that all of them are same.

It is always important to understand the target audience before starting the actual marketing. Who is the target audience? Why should they be interested? Will the venture be relatable to the target audience? Such questions should be analyzed before starting the marketing. Take decisions that should match the brand image of the venture. If the decisions are justified and are appropriate for the brand image of the venture, only then the audience encountering the brand will relate to it. Decisions that are made with personal opinions and without justifications are mostly made out of fear, habit, and pressure. When the required justifications are applied to the ideas, the outcome is the best and what the company exactly wants for their audiences.

When you work with the mentality of the audience, you get to see or view your venture from a different point of view and a different angle altogether. It might not be easy always, but stepping out from your regular way of working can do wonders if done right. Always examine all the ways you can operate on your project, you will definitely get a new way you have never tried before. There is no harm in trying while you can.

Do you need a marketing plan?

In the field of online marketing, there is a whole lot of decoding various terms or buzzwords of the field. A plan involves the steps of the operation to be done. Similarly, a business plan or marketing plan involves steps that you need to follow in order to reach your goals. This includes the overall marketplace and the marketplace position, aims and strategic outlook. All these steps help to actually carry out the plan.
The primary aim is to turn the strategy or plan into work or operation. A notable amount of work needs to be done in making plans. However, the outcome needs to be solid for the plan to actually work. Always cover most of the key elements by following a standard outlook.

You are the only person who understands your business better than anyone else. For the starting take time to study all the challenges as well as the success of the venture.


To get the clearest idea of the venture a situational study should be conducted which covers the employees and owners as well as the suppliers, vendors, etc. Also, you should always have a closer look out on the industry to note any kind of trend that is to be kept in mind.

From this point, you should be able to get a clear vision if your plan ahead. Having aims will help you to move forward with your business ahead.

Here you should start combining all the lists of how you can successfully complete your aims. It is not necessary to give importance to the details here while it is a good move if you include some tactical ideas or concepts. Come up with an appropriate number which can then be segregated depending on goals, budget, timelines, etc. The outcome is supposed to be a short list by which scope can be determined.

Know what online marketing is…

Marketing illiterate people and digital virgins have the notion that online marketing is all about having a handsome website of one’s business. But is that all? Of course not! It’s just not about having a website, the performance of the website also counts. All the possible elements of online marketing should be considered if you are aiming at success. The elements such as PPC, SEO, social media, etc. are the ones you should cover. Though your website is good looking, the looks will not take you anywhere. Your website should fulfill the required elements.

The most important part of online marketing is having audiences and customers. It is very important to allure audiences and customers towards your website in order to increase activity on your website and its posts. You need to draw traffic towards your website. But to do so, you need to have a proper content that will trigger the flow of audiences to your website.
Remember to make your content keeping in mind the need and wants of the target audience. Always keep your audience on the first most priority. Once you garner the attention of your target audience, you need to keep them engaged on your website. Give them some content that will keep them curious and want more. You need to learn how and what to do to make your website look interesting and informative but also crisp and entertaining.

You cannot just sell an empty box, can you? You need to sell something in it. Your content is the something and your website is the box. No matter how big or decorative the box is, you need something inside of it. Fill your website with content that is worth the audience’s time and that will ensure you more traffic. More the traffic, better the activity. Also, remember to put in images and gifs that make a website all the more interesting. While you are adding all these details in your content, the most important element here is the loading speed of your site or page. This loading speed is your first impression and if you fail to build it at all you are done for!

If you have queries or want to build your website further ahead get some expert help from us and contact us now!

Evaluate your marketing results with these simple questions!

You might be into marketing, doing everything you can on the online platform. But how are your results? Are you evaluating them? If not, it’s high time you do. There are many people who are not even aware how to evaluate their marketing results. You are here and you no longer have to worry about a thing now! We will tell you a list of simple questions which you can evaluate your marketing results and move ahead:

Web page or website analysis:
• What drives traffic to your website?
• What content causes the traffic to leave?
• Has your traffic grown or reduced? Where does the graph lead to most up or down?
• Which source has been proved to be the most profitable or better for traffic income?

Email Marketing:
• What’s the total of campaigns send in the past year?
• What campaigns resulted in sales and subscriptions?
• Has your list grown? How much has it grown and from what source/s?
• Is your engagement on standstill?

• Have you observed any sales patterns?
• Did the actual sales line up with your venture?
• Did any of the sales stray? What was the reason?
• Are there any kinds of challenges with new customers?
• Do you have any favorite or best new customers? Why?
• What other efforts can be taken to do business more efficiently with the customer?

Social conversations:
• What kind of news has been the most significant news in your field?
• Were you part of that conversation in any way?
• Did these conversations have any kind of impact on your subscriber list or followers?
• Are the customers’ needs changed? How?
• What efforts are being taken by you to fulfill these changes?

• Which of the marketing strategy did not go well or did not work as per the requirement in the past year?
• Which was the most productive marketing strategy?

These are the questions you can use to evaluate your marketing results so that you can join the dots and improve or change your marketing strategy accordingly.
Do not worry if you get stuck anywhere at all. You can always ask for help or clear your doubts with us.

Email marketing along with the digital mix!

It is important to determine your digital mix when you are working on your digital marketing strategy. Most of the times email marketing is not added to the digital mix. We will tell you here why you SHOULD put in email marketing into your digital mix. Read on:

Email marketing has a personal touch to it. It helps the advertisers to maintain the loyalty of the consumers. It gets easy to get in touch with the customers. Email marketing helps to draw the attention of the consumers to the brand icons, stories, etc. This helps in creating an emotional attachment to the consumers. Emails can be personalized according to age, interest as well as location demographics. Since it takes only a few hours, email marketing the most opts for an option in terms of marketing with a personalized touch.

Emails can be directed to the particular person and the content of the email is easy to change. You can change the content according to the demographics as well as the age of the target customer. Personalized emails create loyalty among the consumers for the brand. This also helps in reminding the consumers of the brand and product or services. Remember to keep your emails relevant and to the point. Emails that have informational content as valuable content is highly appreciated by the readers and enables to create a strong relationship between you and the consumer.
If done right, emails can build up trust and help you o stay connected with the audience. Tailored emails add up to your positive points. Emails can also garner the attention of potential or new customers and can do the job of convincing the consumers to buy or at least try the product and services.

Sending instant messages to a large number of the audience can be done with email marketing. If compared to other mediums of connecting to the audience, email marketing is affordable and also easy. You can be creative with your emails and save a lot of paper and other materials.
You can also track the performance of your email after sending it. There are many valuable tracking tools that are for free online. You can track the consumer responses as well. Email marketing is an overall beneficial medium of marketing.

Protect your website from hacking and cyber-attacks.

Cyber-attacks and hacking are common news now. But though common it still brings along with it a lot of tensions among the online business companies and every other website. These cyber-attacks cost the owners their reputation as well as their important details of consumers, etc. This leads consumers to not trust the website and opt other methods. The owners of the business and companies face the not so pleasing result of losing consumers and the trust.

But then what can one do? There are ways which you can either prevent these attacks or even catch the hackers amidst the attack. Read on to know more:

Do you know the risks?
When you have an online business or any other kind of business it is very important to know all kinds of risks the venture may hold for you. All the internal, as well as the external risks, should be understood properly before you enter into a particular venture. When you take a closer look at your company’s vulnerabilities you can understand the loopholes or even exposed areas of the company through which someone can attack or hack into your company. Once you know all the loopholes and the exposed areas you work towards covering them so that a cyber-attack or hacking of the company can be prevented. Be up to date on the daily fraud schemes and malware or phishing.

Do you use a VPN?
VPN or Virtual Private Network helps you to create a secure and trustworthy connection even over a not so secure connection. Using VPN will guarantee you the security that you won’t get otherwise. Always pay close attention to the security of your website and company as at any point there might be loopholes or even exposed areas through which someone can attack your website and company. VPN will help you prevent the threats of hacking, phishing, etc.

Is your hardware secured?
Attacks are not limited to being online itself. Attacks can be also done when a hardware is stolen or misused by someone. Always keep your hardware secure and safe. Do not let anyone use or give your hardware to anyone just for the sake of it. It is your responsibility to keep your hardware safe and secure always.

Online retailer’s guide to slash merchandise returns.

With the New Year already here and festivals would be coming in again. In such festive mood and new starting, people tend to buy new merchandises like clothes, etc. People prefer to buy their needed merchandises online since its less time consuming and the order is delivered to the doorstep. But online shopping comes with its own shortcomings. Online ordered clothes at times are not of the correct size and have to be returned. This concept of returning merchandises has a big blow to the retailers. Here is how online retailers can diminish the returns of the merchandises:

Discard the free returns:
Retailers often use the free return policy to attract more purchases. Once the buyer knows that the product can be returned without being charged, the purchase decision gets easier to make and people instantly buy the product without fear of the product not being as per their expectations or their sizes, etc. However, there are also negative effects of returns on the retailers. Consumers may take advantage of this policy by returning the product after they have done using it, especially clothes.
It is only wise to remove the free return policy in order to maintain the track of people not misusing the policy of returns. At least one online order is returned by the three-quarters. This will prevent the customers from misusing the policy and will also help the customers to make right purchasing decisions.

Incentives instead of returns:
You can give your consumers incentives to promote fewer returns from the customers. This can be done in many ways. An apparel online store offers customers a box of five items of clothing. Consumers can select from the box the clothing they wish to keep. In case the consumer the whole box they get a 25% discount on the box price.

Keep the item with a refund:
Few online retailers offer their consumers a refund and also let them keep the item instead of returning them. Yes, this done by Amazon. This helps them to cut rates. At times, shipping back the item costs more than giving the customers a refund.

Better user experience:
Having better user experience helps the customers to trust the site more. Better product details, better picture, and resolution will add to the user experience. AG helps consumers to try on the clothes or accessories without actually trying the dress on.