Diagnose and fix your WordPress site!

Your website is your first and last impression. When you have a website of your company you need to keep in mind that it works smoothly and loads quickly without any glitches. If your website takes way too much time to load or if there is a delay of even one second, it can have a huge effect on your website and on your company image as well. It is a must that your website should have fast loading speed. There are still few people who think that a slow website does not matter or cannot affect the image of the company as a whole. Your SEO score can also have a huge effect on your WordPress site loading speed. Make improvements where ever necessary and maintain the SEO score by correcting the mistakes.

Other than the site taking a while to load, there are many other factors that can sense that your website is slow. New browsers like Chrome, etc. have a faster speed and load your website much quickly as they use most of the data. However, you specifically need to know if your website is in the danger zone. Don’t worry as there are many free tools where you just have to enter your website URL and they will examine your website. These websites give you a detailed report what is wrong and what should be and can be changed. There are a number of areas that can lag your website loading speed.

If the images that you have included on your website are way too large, your website will surely slow down. You need to pay attention if your images are not way too heavy or way too light but of the right size. Try comparing your large images. While doing so keep in mind that the quality of the image should not be affected at any cost. You need to use high-quality images but also they should not be too heavy for the website to load. When the images are way too heavy to load they at times fail to load at all.

Hosting is another area which needs your attention. A poor hosting will slow down your website’s speed. This mostly happens in the cases where there is shared hosting. When the others are having problems related to traffic and other site related issues, it is most likely to affect your website too.

Plugins are a common word nowadays but not everyone is aware that too many plugins can actually have a negative impact on your website loading speed. You can reduce the load off your website by removing the extra plugins and add-ons. This will make the website much lighter and will faster the pace of the website. Do not remove the entire bunch of plugins. Use the help of an expert to deduce what exactly to do.