Digital Marketing

How Digital Marketing is becoming an important part of our daily lives

“If your Business in not on the internet, then your business will be out of business”- Bill Gates

Digital Marketing is affecting our lives every day… directly or indirectly. We are getting addicted to it… sometimes limiting our thought process ..affecting our physical marketing but definitely making us more modern and hi tech.

Only 5 years back we used to do lot of physical marketing, but now we don’t have time & patience to devote. Moreover with the changing environment our customers have changed and they are getting modern and hi-tech. In order to save time and effort they start surveying about product in the google, find a website, do shopping. Sometimes they do some research in social media to get feedback,If they find anything wrong about a service and product they raise their voice in the social media. Social media had played a vital role to make our customer modern.See how all tools of digital media are interlinked.

Now, let’s look into some function which has been changed due to digital marketing. First of all let’s think about Shopping. With the internet, physical marketing or roaming in market has been reduced a lot. Nowadays people started buying stuff online via ecommerce website. Where they get a chance to compare all the brand, ratings, less price and most important “Cash On Delivery”. Now a new technique has come which is called “Mobile App”, in near future may be ecommerce will also get affected by Apps.

Now the hoard of companies is getting more competitive, they want to attract consumers in their favor, so a question arrives “How the companies will attract more consumers”…. So fulfill that requirement multiple online marketing tools invented like Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media, Remarketing, PPC Campaign, Email Marketing, Display Marketing, Content Marketing, link building, online reputation management, blogging, forum, article, press release and many more.

The main intention is to attract their customers or move the traffic in their favor or website, for those digital marketing companies do such activities in various platforms.

Push marketing is something, say, you want to sell your product to a customer even though he doesn’t want that or he is not interested in that product. So conversion ratio in this method is very less. Push market belongs to re marketing, video marketing, email marketing, banner/display marketing, content marketing, link building, online reputation management, blogging, forum, article, press release.

Now a day’s social media is very active in young generation so businessman are taking the advantage of social media platform to enhance their product or service reach.

In Digital Marketing, we can target our audience (through age, income, gender), directly, cost effective, monitoring is easily, cost per enquiry is low, can pause anytime. But if we look at the traditional marketing these things are not possible, very expensive, monitoring is not possible, cant pause anytime, cant target our audience through age, gender.

Its very important to have a presence in Google or internet, you can contact for such digital services.


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