Evaluate your marketing results with these simple questions!

You might be into marketing, doing everything you can on the online platform. But how are your results? Are you evaluating them? If not, it’s high time you do. There are many people who are not even aware how to evaluate their marketing results. You are here and you no longer have to worry about a thing now! We will tell you a list of simple questions which you can evaluate your marketing results and move ahead:

Web page or website analysis:
• What drives traffic to your website?
• What content causes the traffic to leave?
• Has your traffic grown or reduced? Where does the graph lead to most up or down?
• Which source has been proved to be the most profitable or better for traffic income?

Email Marketing:
• What’s the total of campaigns send in the past year?
• What campaigns resulted in sales and subscriptions?
• Has your list grown? How much has it grown and from what source/s?
• Is your engagement on standstill?

• Have you observed any sales patterns?
• Did the actual sales line up with your venture?
• Did any of the sales stray? What was the reason?
• Are there any kinds of challenges with new customers?
• Do you have any favorite or best new customers? Why?
• What other efforts can be taken to do business more efficiently with the customer?

Social conversations:
• What kind of news has been the most significant news in your field?
• Were you part of that conversation in any way?
• Did these conversations have any kind of impact on your subscriber list or followers?
• Are the customers’ needs changed? How?
• What efforts are being taken by you to fulfill these changes?

• Which of the marketing strategy did not go well or did not work as per the requirement in the past year?
• Which was the most productive marketing strategy?

These are the questions you can use to evaluate your marketing results so that you can join the dots and improve or change your marketing strategy accordingly.
Do not worry if you get stuck anywhere at all. You can always ask for help or clear your doubts with us.