Facebook’s Fake News Problem.

Facebook has made a new upgrade with a sense that public and business news or posts won’t be hovering or lingering anywhere near your wall. Facebook’s new update has been focusing on family and friend’s posts. However, the news might be a bit of worrisome for the business pages but it surely is not yet following the trend. Recently, there was a big hype of the lunar eclipse big blue blood moon.

The occurrence was one that was very rare indeed. Once in 150 years, as they say. Everyone wanted to experience this moment. Many wanted to record the event as well. There were photographers everywhere, ready with their cameras to record every aspect of the moment. Many channels were telecasting the event live. People were able to witness the phenomena directly from their home. Even NASA was telecasting the event. Amidst all this, there was a particular channel that was telecasting the blue blood moon. The difference was only that though it had about 16 million views, the entire telecast was fake. They used a previously used photograph and said it was the blue blood phenomena. All this, happening on Facebook. So much for attention. Right when the year started with Facebook bring up the upgrade to discard the entire fake news concept, this fake news had got over 16 million views.

The photograph that was used belonged to Chris Kotsiopoulos. The page that posted the photograph as the blue blood moon was inactive since September of 2017. Facebook later removed the photo. Mark Zuckerberg is taking the efforts to remove all such unwanted attention the fake news is acquiring. There are numerous fake news that are shared around and people even believe such stuff. Images and videos are often morphed and people fail to see through it. Fake news, rumors can make a huge impact. Let’s just hope that things will not be as problematic in the near future.