Get to know Pinterest.

Pinterest is an application that can be operated on the web as well as on smartphones. This application helps you to obtain information in image forms mostly. Few other search results include GIFs and videos. This is a great marketing platform and you might want to rethink your marketing strategy if you haven’t opted for this platform yet. Let’s see the features of Pinterest.

Lens: Pinterest Lens
This feature of Pinterest was introduced in 2017. The Pinterest Lens enables the user to have the most control over searching. The person just has to use the camera on their phone and point at the objects they re looking for and a search result will be shown to them related to the objects. People at Pinterest are constantly working to make your smartphone a better stylist.

Video: Promoted
Pinterest has a promoted video feature that allows you to bring your brand’s personality to life. Using videos creates a sense of connectivity and user-friendly experience for all the users of Pinterest or as commonly known as Pinners. This encourages the users to start an interaction with brands. A study showed that about 67% of users on Pinterest were interactive with brands only after watching a video.

The visual search engine enables more comfort and ease to the users or pinners using the pincodes. This feature helps to drive the offline interactions on the online platform. Users can use the codes by scanning the pincodes on in-store display or printed stories using their Pinterest Camera. This will direct the user to find Pins that are directly related to the displays.

Taste Graph:
Taste graph is organic social’s best friend. This helps the marketers to see the connections of the users and to understand the taste and likings of the user. This feature of Pinterest makes it the best social media platform when compared with others. This gives a detailed insight and thus is a great medium for marketing and business.

Possibilities Planner:
Pinterest is known to use spikes during holidays and also during celebrations. Pinterest is introducing a new tool in the near future- Possibilities Planner. This will help business to view insights of when users or pinners start planning holidays and celebrations. This will help the businesses to plan their strategy and promotion likewise.

Pin Collective:
All size of marketers can use Pinterest as per their needs and wants. Pin Collective will help the brands to create the content they need as per Pinterest’s visual format and the user’s belief.