Interview? Watch your body language!

Interview. Sounds like an opportunity but also makes you nervous, doesn’t it? But when you are going for an interview that could change your life if you get selected you cannot use the option of being nervous. You need to play your best card and land the job. Your nervousness can start a tick in you. You might start shaking your leg unknowingly or sweat too much. You at times might even blabber things that actually relate to nothing at the moment or to the question you are being asked. Just your certificates and merits won’t get you a job. You need to have composed body language as well.

Your body language should not be too stiff or too loose. The way you present yourself in front of the interviewer is very important and can determine if you are selected for the job or not. Your body language talks a lot about you. People usually notice your body language over all other things. There are few mistakes that people tend to do during an interview. These mistakes usually decrease the chances of you getting the job. We will be telling you the common mistakes that people usually do while at the interview.

1. Eye contact.
The most important part of body language is eye contact. Most people avoid an eye contact with the person as they are nervous, etc. When a person avoids or fails to maintain an eye contact, the body language says that the person is only physically present at the location. This might also lead you to feel more and more insecure. Maintain an eye contact with the interviewer.
2. Fidget:
Fidgeting is very very bad. This will ruin your impression in front of the people. Not only during the interview but during other important conversations may be affected due to your fidgeting. Playing with your hair. Tracing a line on your lap/thigh/ playing with your smartphone, etc. are all fidgeting. Try to avoid doing this by crossing your hand or keeping them on the table. Maintain a proper posture.
3. Smile:
You need to Smile. When you fail to smile you seem to be a person who is either not interested or is not friendly. Remember to smile. When you smile you seem pleasant and happy. This adds positive points to your entire persona.
4. Weak Handshake:
Remember shaking your hand with the person in front of you is a sign that you are welcoming. Don’t let your handshake be weak. A strong handshake will build up your impression. A strong handshake shows that you are confident and know your work.
5. Slouching:
When you slouch, it interprets that you are low on your confidence. This will affect your impression in front of the interviewer/s. Your posture should be good and not slouchy.
6. Crossed Arms:
Crossed rams depict that you are insecure, afraid and lack a lot of confidence. It shows that you are highly uncomfortable in front of them. You should practice sitting with your arms apart at a particular appropriate distance.
7. Nodding:
Too much of nodding is just a big no! It shows that you are not paying attention to what the people are saying. It might show as you are ignorant. Try to control your urge to nod all the time.