ISO certification process:

We at Vihaan-HiTech provide ISO certification. If you are searching for ISO certification services then you can halt here. We are there to serve our clients with our esteemed services. Small business to large business opt Vihaan-HiTech as the option for the ISO certification services. We specialize in our services as our expert assistance helps the client`s business to grow in the right direction. Ongoing support throughout the certification helps our clients to work out things in better manner.

• What are the advantages of getting as ISO certification?

– ISO certification gives you the advantage to upgrade your standards. It gives you the confidence of the betterment in the market. After procuring this certification you reach to next level of growth .Every aspect gets improved, the financial, productivity and efficiency gets upgraded. Since the market is already growing to the upgradation, hence it is important to be on better competitive edge. The customer confidence on the company reaches to better level after ISO certification.

 • Our role in  providing ISO certification

– ISO certification actually helps the company to upgrade. The systems and values of the company gets upgraded and hence working style reaches to betterment  giving    better finished products. This in turn helps the clients to grow economically and personally. The efficacy and customer support also increase. This is reason we closely monitor the certification process and help our clients to get it as earliest as possible. The expertise in the business management   helps us to fulfil the dreams of the ISO certification oaf our clients. Our in house team of expert professionals works on the minute details of the process of procuring the certification. So join hands with us and get your work done quickly. Procure ISO certification at the given stimulated time with us.

ISO Certification Services :

We focus on the set up and maintenance of systems that enable your company to run efficiently and economically.

1. Certification Quote :

2. Standards We Offer :

1. Certification Quote :

• This the prime feature of the ISO certification process. The ISO certification needs to be done as per the requirement. This is done very well at Vihaan-HiTech . The expertise of our team helps us to zero down on the required certification required by our clients. The certification apt for the clients business is suggested and hence the process is moved further. So if you are coming us to us procuring the certification services then definitely you are not wasting your time and money. We give a value added services to our clients.

2. Standards We Offer :

• We are best at our services and we provide a wide range of certification to our clients. The standards which are required for the business to run smoothly are ISO 9001. This is one of the most common standards which are required to get upgraded. ISO 14001, ISO 13485, OHSAS 18001, HACCP, ISO 22000, ISO 27001, CE Mark, RoHS, ISO 20000, BIFMA, Halal, Green Certificate, GMP/GDP etc are  standard  procured from the  certification agency . However the list is long and goes on depending on the business requirement.

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 13485
  • OHSAS 18001
  • ISO 22000
  • ISO 27001

  • CE Mark
  • RoHS
  • ISO 20000
  • Halal
  • Green Certificate

1. ISO 9001:2015 :

This is the quality standard which works in accordance with the requirement of the business. The business standards are maintained and hence you will be relieved. This is user friendly version and is equally less time consuming.  Every size of the business can have chance to get this standards. This is the basic standards which helps to get customer confidence .Quality management is the ziest of this standards. Procuring these standards is all about competing the fierce market competition. The result of getting this   certification is the market opens up to you.

  •  Benefits of ISO9001:2015:
    There are countless benefits of this certification to the business. Most importantly the quality of the products and working standards are improved under this certification. The business strategies seem to be more integrated after this certification and certainly you will   be able to change the perception of the customers.  The customer demands can be completed on the stipulated on time due to better time management. The quality of the working is better due to reduced errors. Man power and time can be saved as due to proper management   the resources are pushed back to half of the normal value.  Business compliance helps to get more number of customers.
  • Standard Implementation:
    To implement this ISO9001:2015 to the business proper training is required.  Continuous feedback oaf the customer and good customer rapport will help to enjoy the benefits of this certification.
  •  Certification Process:
    Since, this is certification process so continuous audit is done to ensure customer satisfaction. The procedures are remodelled as per the certification requirement.To enjoy the ISO 9001:2015 certification the client’s needs to fill up this support form. This support form will help us to get the details of our clients and we will be in better position to help you out.


Support Form

2. ISO 14001:2015:

This is certification which will save us from the legalities related to the environment protection. We can use environment friendly approach to continue our business. This certification aims to reduce the biological waste and keep the environment clean.

  • Benefits:
    Obviously getting this certification helps us to keep the environment clean. This certification done business goes into better cost cutting process. Less waste means better energy usage.
  • Standard Implementation:
    This certification can be implemented by continuous improvement of the process. Good internal communication and internal audit will the certification process survive in the business.
    ISO 14001:2015 support form is required to enjoy the services.


Support Form

Our services:

1. ISO Audits :

This audit helps in better business compliance and we are there to help you to conduct this audit. Auditors from various countries are available so let us know your options by sending a detailed email regarding this.
Audits are first party, second party and third party, accredited and non-accredited.

  • First party audit:
    This is an internal audit which needs to be done. However if the in-house auditor is not there then compliance check can be done from the different auditor.
  • Second party Audit:
    Here a second party audit is done to check the business operation. This smoothens up the business operation. This is audit done by the suppliers.
  • Third party Audits:
    This is external audit which is actually accredited process. Each and every process is thoroughly checked for better business flow.
2. ISO Consultancy:

The ISO requirement can be fulfilled by our assistance. We have in-house experience staff to suggest you the required standards for better business flow. We can provide trained auditors from various backgrounds.