Know All About 2018’s New Instagram Update!

Instagram has been o the top of every social media trend. Instagram has a strong hold over most of the population all over the globe. There are about 500 million users who are active on daily basis and 800 million users who are active on monthly basis. This is a huge number of users and people are constantly using Instagram every day. Instagram has recently updated their product and introduced a new feature that can help many of us. Mainly for business and product promotion purposes, this feature can be used very skillfully.

Instagram has introduced a feature where you can schedule your posts and they will be published as per the schedule. Every Instagrammer knows the value of posting on time. Time really matters a lot while posting your photos and videos on Instagram. The main aim is to gain likes and follows by reaching to most of the audience. And it surely is an art to do so. You need to catch the right audience and that too at the right time. However, one might be busy doing other work and may not find enough time to manage the right time to post on the social media. This brand new feature of Instagram can help everyone to stay and maintain their position on the top. You just need to get the hang of it and you will surely see the evident result. This feature has the benefit of uploading your post from any third party source on Instagram at the time you wish. You can schedule your post on Instagram by selecting the time. This makes it easy when you are away or cannot post the photo or video at the moment. How easy no? Well, it is not as simple as it looks. There are few terms and conditions one must study before posting it.

Post scheduling, however, is not available for the Ads on Instagram. Also. You can preview your post before setting the schedule and you will know if the post looks right and as per your expectations. All you need is to do your homework, do the research and you are good to go. Be an expert or get an expert!