Do you know what Social-proof is?

Marketing a business is no child’s play and one just cannot do it just like that. The most basic notion about marketing is that to promote your business you need to keep on posting, commenting, sharing, liking on social media, etc. it is also assumed that you HAVE to keep in constant touch with your consumers online as well as offline. However, all these are overlooked as it does not make strategic sense to many. In this group of strategy, Social-proof is also overlooked. But what is social-proof?

Social-proof is among the types of marketing. It is also free for most of the parts. And who does not love free anything?! Basically, social-proof is promoting the positive reviews of your consumers and creating brand awareness. In simple words, you have to urge your potential consumers to buy your product by showing them or giving a proof that you have satisfied consumers. You can encourage your consumers to review your product on sites like Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc. This will play in your favor and you will be able to get potential consumers. Use these reviews to garner the required attention and customers. Reviews work like magic and are very useful if you use it just the right way. This is also a way to find out what your customers like and dislike about your product. When people want to buy something new, irrespective of buying it online or from physical stores, they always check the items on the internet and go straight to the reviews. Your reviews are the first impression your potential customers get from you. These reviews will have a direct effect on their decision to buy your product or not. Before buying a smartphone we always check it out on the various sites not just for less price but also for reviews. If the maximum of the reviews are positive one can choose to buy the product. However, not everyone gets the reviews they expect to get. Many fail to garner any review at all. In such cases, you should encourage your customers to leave a review. This can be done by offering something for a review.

You can just ask your consumers to leave a review or to rate your product. It’s as simple as that. You can choose from your way i.e. either offer discounts or offers for a review or just ask them to leave a review or rate your product. The baseline is that people will only buy from you or buy your products if you have the required and enough satisfied reviews on your site. Reviews can do wonders for your product, do not underestimate them!