Making icons that are best.

The design is the main element in today’ time for almost everything that is online. A good design is the demand of everyone and everyone has different choices. Designs help you to garner the required involvement of the audience by being appealing to the audience’s eyes. With designs, come various elements that build up your website. Icons are among these elements which are quite important when it comes to attracting your audience. For once, you might have no trouble while making a logo, but while making an icon I can be very difficult at times. This occurs due to few restrictions. So, while making icons one must keep few points in mind. Here are those points:
Clarity or Readability:
Icons need not necessarily have text or other such characters. The baseline is that the icons should be clearly visible to the eyes of the audience. Your icon should depict your brand or organizations. The icon should not confuse people. Just like you can see icons on your pc or smartphones show exactly what they are. For example, you will know that an icon is for call logs as it has the symbol as well is clearly written on it. User experience is important and clear icons will improve the user experience.
You need not add images to your icons. Using a compact version of your already existing logo for your icons can work perfectly. Since the logo is small in size it can be difficult to adjust an image to it. Also, images are outdated from time to time.
Avoid words:
Using alphabets or first letters are way too mainstream. Many people use letters as their icon but it is acceptable because the letter is in their logo. For example, Facebook uses f as an icon.
Standing out from the rest of the people is a must. Your icons should have intense and bright colors in order to attract the attention of the audience. This will surely get taps more often. This will work except when you have many apps on the same screen at once.
Creating a symbol is very important as it becomes your identity or your brand’s identity. Your symbol will be more than enough for people to recognize the brand. A symbol should be catchy to the eye and soot at the same time.
While you are making your icons, make sure to use the vectors only. This will help you to resize them whenever you wish to.
Scale ready:
Always be scale ready. At times, it happens that your icons might grow o such a high level that you might have to use them as logos itself.