Online retailer’s guide to slash merchandise returns.

With the New Year already here and festivals would be coming in again. In such festive mood and new starting, people tend to buy new merchandises like clothes, etc. People prefer to buy their needed merchandises online since its less time consuming and the order is delivered to the doorstep. But online shopping comes with its own shortcomings. Online ordered clothes at times are not of the correct size and have to be returned. This concept of returning merchandises has a big blow to the retailers. Here is how online retailers can diminish the returns of the merchandises:

Discard the free returns:
Retailers often use the free return policy to attract more purchases. Once the buyer knows that the product can be returned without being charged, the purchase decision gets easier to make and people instantly buy the product without fear of the product not being as per their expectations or their sizes, etc. However, there are also negative effects of returns on the retailers. Consumers may take advantage of this policy by returning the product after they have done using it, especially clothes.
It is only wise to remove the free return policy in order to maintain the track of people not misusing the policy of returns. At least one online order is returned by the three-quarters. This will prevent the customers from misusing the policy and will also help the customers to make right purchasing decisions.

Incentives instead of returns:
You can give your consumers incentives to promote fewer returns from the customers. This can be done in many ways. An apparel online store offers customers a box of five items of clothing. Consumers can select from the box the clothing they wish to keep. In case the consumer the whole box they get a 25% discount on the box price.

Keep the item with a refund:
Few online retailers offer their consumers a refund and also let them keep the item instead of returning them. Yes, this done by Amazon. This helps them to cut rates. At times, shipping back the item costs more than giving the customers a refund.

Better user experience:
Having better user experience helps the customers to trust the site more. Better product details, better picture, and resolution will add to the user experience. AG helps consumers to try on the clothes or accessories without actually trying the dress on.