Stock images or Authentic images?

Stock images are the ones that you get online. These images are already shot and uploaded online where anyone can find them and use them as per their requirement. On the other hand, authentic images are the ones which contain real people and the people who are related to the organization or the project the image is being used for. Authentic images are strictly used for the related people only. Let us see and understand the difference between these two types of images for marketing.

Stock Images:
Stock images are available online and most of the time is high priced. Even though the price is so high for the stock images people tend to use stock images itself. There are some reasons for it. Stock images are quick to get and are convenient for the organizations. These images prove to be quick to use and save a lot of time as well as money too. You just have to select the pre-shot images and pay for it. You don’t need to hire a photographer and then edit it. Also, the people working for you or at your organizations might not be that good of photographers or even posers. You might not get the required or needed image. Your people at work may have expertise in other areas but not in the photography section. This might not work well when you need a good picture for your website or advertisement.

Authentic Images:
Authentic images might not be as easy to procure but they sure have more importance to them. comparatively stock images do not make that required connection with the audience. Authentic Images cannot be used by any other organization, unlike stock images. It might happen that two or more website end up using the same image that they picked up online. However, this may not happen in the case of authentic images. As per the name they are authentic and can make a connection with the audience. These images actually look like images of real people and are far more convincing than the stock ones. Authentic images are unique and stand out. According to the studies, authentic images have much higher potential for audience engagement than the stock images. It seems that though it’s a bit of a fuss, authentic images are better if you want to promote audience enagagment on your website.