Colors matter: Marketing Psychology.


When content is being built, a lot of thinking goes into it. Content needs a lot more than words to garner the required eyeballs and visibility. What really attracts the reader? The first impression of the content is surely not its words.

There are various designs and layouts that can be used for your content. But the right mixture of the right elements is the best recipe for your content. Color is one among the many ingredients of a good content.



Color can evoke many expressions and feelings. A perfect blend of colors can attract readers. But what is the purpose of colors more than just attracting the audience?

Colors can add effect to the content. It can portray the feelings, atmosphere, etc. and this makes a huge difference while reading.



Every brand has an identity that represents the brand’s personality and product offering. It takes years for a brand to achieve the desired personality. Brand personality depends largely on colors and styles. Colors build the recognition of the brand.

Baskin Robbins use pink and blue color in their logo. The color pink depicts sugary and sweet products. It also depicts playfulness. The color blue is soothing and cool.


Site Usability:

Implementing colors to convey a particular message is an art. You need to know all about colors and their meanings. Use of colors should not be limited in your ogo but also be used in your campaigns. When it comes to a website, it is necessary that the website should be readable and visible.

Here, color needs to be used to improve the user experience of the client. The blend of colors you use should not confuse the reader or tamper the readability of the content. Colors that are soothing to the eyes will work best.

Change of style and color is important to maintain the curiosity of the readers. Using a proper color for the background can then allow you to highlight the needed part of the content as per your wish. An overwhelming color blend will put you at a risk of losing your audience. Along with colors, your fonts should also be proper and readable. Always remember to view your site through your audiences view and not yours.



There are numerous tones and shades of colors. You need to use the correct contrast of the color to maintain the readability of your content. Black words on a white background are the most basic and easiest contrast. You can experiment your own combination and contrast but it is vital that the contrast does not disturb the clients visual.


Brand Recognition:

Color builds the brand recognition. There are many brands that have already gained recognition over one color. For example, Coca-Cola uses red and white color. Red is the prime color in their logo and campaign.

The color red depicts freshness and energy, hence red color is used to represent freshness even in toothpaste ads. A single color can convey an unspoken message to the customers. Maintaining a proper color balance will allow you to maintain the brand identity. People can recognize a brand by color up to 80%.


Color plays a vital role in building brands identity. As it can work in favor of the brand it can also turn against the brand is not used at the correct time and place.


Mobile phones: Healthcare marketers’ trump card!


Phones were initially invented to make communication better. Calling was the basic and the only feature of a mobile phone. Years later now, mobile phones have been changed completely. You can even see the other person while talking to them, that’s video calling obviously!

Mobile phones are more than just a communication medium or device, it’s a companion. You hardly see people going around without their mobiles. Almost every sector has gone online now and is accessible from anywhere provided you have a working network. Majority of people use cell phones to ease the struggle of traveling like making reservations, booking tickets and arranging appointments.

Healthcare organizations have also introduced apps to make it convenient for the patients to book appointments without having to wait at the clinic or the hospitals and people are actually benefiting from these apps. Healthcare organizations are earning profits and increasing employment in the economic sector. There are numerous functions and uses of smartphones in the healthcare sector. Thus, the use of mobile phones is increasing in the medical sector at an ineffable pace. The healthcare sector comprises of medical devices, hospitals, clinics, medical tourism, outsourcing, health insurance, and medical equipment.


Here’s how consumers are using mobile phones for healthcare:


  • 88% of doctors’ appointments are booked online.
  • 56% of people schedule their appointments by calling from their mobile phones as people find it more convenient.
  • 52% of people look up on the internet for health-related queries.
  • 51% of people feel more valued when they receive patient care messages and reports on their devices.
  • 44% of people depend on the internet for searching hospitals rather than going around physically.


The portable devices are being used to their full potential by the healthcare brands. Following are the strategies used by the healthcare marketers-

  • Creating apps for scheduling appointments.
  • Maintaining a responsive website where the details and other information of the institution are uploaded.
  • Messages and alerts of various healthcare offers are sent to customers on their smartphones.


The technology has advanced and is being improved as the days go by. It is essential for everyone to stay up with the changing trends of technologies and marketing trends. Those days are not far away when people won’t have to be at the doctor’s clinic physically for a quick test or check up done.

An insight of web development


web development company








Digital word is filled with lot of websites. The websites are actual contact point for the person or the business. The business carried out is mentioned and there is detailed features lingering on the webpage of that particular websites.  However this is done by the web development team which will ensure to give out the best to the client. Sometimes there is an in-house web development team   however otherwise there can be web development agency which can sell there ideas of the web lay out to their clients. Basically the websites are full of the computer coding and languages which are quite specific to the digital worlds. Apart from this web development is done with certain images which will help the website to survive the competition.

The images are inserted and recreated into the web layout with help of the Photo shop element. These images are actually the visual representation of your ideas to the world. The visual representation is more eye-catching and effective as it fits in the mind of the onlooker instantly. However other half magic can be created by the blogs and reviews on the website as they are equally important feature of the webpage. They also bring in more eye balls to your website. Herein the effective web development will incorporate these features into it.

The entire web development is done by the team of the web developers. They require a basic framework to get things done in disciplined manner. The web content fits in this framework along with the   images.  Sometimes you need develop this frame work by detailed analysis of your knowledge of web design and web development. And some times the ready made design can reallocated with help of the certain frameworks lingering in the digital world. The most common example of this can be Word press.