Thinking about buying fake followers? Read this.

Social media is very vast. There are loads of scope and a lot to learn from social media. Usually, people term social media only as a waste of time or teenagers and young pupils craze. Everyone is on social media. People follow, like, subscribe, comment, share, etc. on posts that are posted on the social media platforms. It’s not just a trend, there’s more to it. Business has this vast field all to themselves and they sure can use to entirely as per their requirements. However, there are quite a few strategies people follow. As we know it, there is always a hard way and an easy way. People usually opt for the easy way in order to achieve what they desire. Most of the times it is all about money.

Many opt for something that is called juicing. Juicing is basically boosting followers on social media platforms. Of course, money is involved in here. People buy fake followers to increase their publicity. The users that are paid are not actually humans but are bots. These bots are mimicking the accounts of human users. In the recent times, many people were exposed having paid followers on social media platforms. The list included well-known celebrities and even other well-known personalities around the globe. This has lead to serious PR damage to the people who were amidst all this. A company used to create and automate such accounts and then sell the accounts to people. Thus, increasing the followers. All of this is continuing because most of the businesses are judged by the followers and likes they have. The social media platforms have taken all it personally and are now taking required actions to stop these fake accounts. There are more fake accounts than real accounts on Twitter and Facebook.

Many of you might be thinking what so bad about fake accounts and paid followers. We will answer it here. As mentioned about, bots mimic real user accounts. The bots don’t really take into consideration the age or gender of the person. After the fake account is set and automated, the bots use this accounts to sell various things to businesses and organizations. There might be inappropriate products sold under the name of an underaged innocent child. This may or may not cause harm to innocent people. This is also a reason why buy followers are banned from social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. You can opt the alternative for this. Engaging real audience is an art and this art pays off well. Opt for SEO i.e. search engine optimization. This will give you opportunities to grow your reach and your time will be valued.