These two abbreviations are known to everyone, by name. Not many are aware what exactly they mean or what their full form is and what exactly they are used for. HTTP is Hypertext Transfer Protocol. It is a protocol for internet communication which carries out the process of sending data or information between the website […]

Regulate your social media existence!

Social media is a platform where everyone can create a presence. But maintaining your existence is all the more important. Most of the people are busy on social media platforms all the time. Posting photos, sharing thoughts, liking posts, commenting on them, sharing posts, etc. are some of the many activities one does on these […]

Here’s why one must Blog!

Blogging is one way you can keep in touch with your audience or readers and followers. Blogging has changed since the first time it came into existence. Blogging was first seen in the 1990’s, since then people have slowly but steadily started blogging. Primarily blogging was just like sharing emotions, opinions, etc. But now that […]