Thinking about buying fake followers? Read this.

Social media is very vast. There are loads of scope and a lot to learn from social media. Usually, people term social media only as a waste of time or teenagers and young pupils craze. Everyone is on social media. People follow, like, subscribe, comment, share, etc. on posts that are posted on the social […]

Facebook’s Fake News Problem.

Facebook has made a new upgrade with a sense that public and business news or posts won’t be hovering or lingering anywhere near your wall. Facebook’s new update has been focusing on family and friend’s posts. However, the news might be a bit of worrisome for the business pages but it surely is not yet […]

Interview? Watch your body language!

Interview. Sounds like an opportunity but also makes you nervous, doesn’t it? But when you are going for an interview that could change your life if you get selected you cannot use the option of being nervous. You need to play your best card and land the job. Your nervousness can start a tick in […]