DIGITAL MARKETING: Germane to all Businesses.

  Everyone today is vulnerable to the internet. Globalizations and internet have brought people and businesses around the world in a close proximity. This has been made possible because of portable devices like tablets, mobile phones, etc. The internet has made it possible for advertisers and entrepreneurs to reach out to the masses with much […]

How the Digital Trends affect Travel and Tourism.

  The way of communication between companies and the market has changed radically since the digitization and the social media. There have been many changes in the marketing trends for travel and tourism due to the internet and increased popularity of the social medium. The ways consumers have started using social media platforms for making […]

What do different colors depict in marketing?

  Colors are prominent factors in marketing strategies. But there is much more than just picking up a color and using it. There is a list of things that you need to keep in mind while picking a color and using it. Shades, tones, contrast, etc. are some of the things to be kept in […]