Future Trends In Digital Marketing

Future Trends In Digital Marketing: What’s New vs. Old

October 7, 2021 By adminvihaan Off

You’re reading the future. When it comes to digital marketing, we all know that future trends will be different than past ones. What happens in one year might not happen again for another six years. There is a lot of hype and noise about what’s new and what’s old in digital marketing, but there are some things that will always stay the same:

  • Digital marketers need content.
  • Analytics should never be ignored when making decisions about future strategies.
  • The customer experience is always king (or queen).

These three points are constants when talking about future trends in digital marketing because they come from an understanding of both the new and the tried and true methods of success online today, which most often  come from a combination of both.


By learning with everyone else in the company, machines are taking on repetitive tasks that humans don’t enjoy.

This frees up marketers to focus on higher impact work like creating unique content and drawing insights from data across multiple customer touch-points.

What’s old is new again when it comes to future digital trends in marketing automation.

SEO professionals and digital marketers are finding that simply automating tasks to reduce redundancy is no longer enough.

A key digital trend is that the number of consumer interactions and touch-points has ballooned. The volume of data we have to analyze has exploded. As a result, deep learning, machine learning, natural language processing, and robotic process automation (RPA) are all finding their way into SEO and digital marketing workflows.

While future trends in automation and data analysis seem to be moving away from the old, marketers still need to continue investing in SEO for content creation and optimization of websites. This is because search engines are always changing their rules, algorithms, and processes. One way that future trends will change how we approach our jobs as online marketers is through new techniques like:

  • virtual assistants (VA)
  • social media management platforms
  • chatbots/AI technology
  • deep learning & machine learning tools & practices

What Can Marketers Do To Future-proof Their Business?

The epidemic triggered a strong desire among consumers for local businesses to be supported, as well as an acute sense of supply chain problems. While “value for money” was the most popular purchasing motivation among those polled by KPMG in late 2020, according to Ernst and Young, 69 percent of clients want companies that do good things. Millennials place a premium on corporate behaviors that reflect their own beliefs (83 percent). What can marketers do to ensure the long-term viability of their business? They can  future-proof their business by ensuring that they future-proof themselves. This means insulating against the dangers of future shock and disruption to their business model.

Summary: There are many different trends in digital marketing that have come around or gone out of style over time but one constant remains throughout – content creation. Marketing professionals should do everything they can to keep ahead of future changes so that they’re able future-proof their business! Shorter videos are becoming more important than ever as consumers want information quickly without having to watch long forms on YouTube or other platforms online.